This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


4. He's back in my life

In the morning I put on the coffee and, for once, Lilly came down without me having to nag at her. She mused about their problems and I in mine. I was worried that Niall would look up my house and look up Lilly. He didn't know the fact that she was his, but he could see it on her. Lilly was a copy of his father and you saw it in their eyes. Lilly had even bleached her hair, causing her to really remind you of Niall in the present.


"Mom can I go to a party this weekend?"
I looked at her and shook the head. Not now, when Niall was in town, otherwise she could.
"No honey, I can't explain why but we must keep us at home for a few days!"
She looked up at me and I knew she wanted a reason.
"I saw an old friend who's dangerous!" I lied. "I'm afraid he may hurt me or get to me through you!"
Lilly just stared at me and I didn't lie entirely on the truth. I was afraid that Niall would see my daughter and understand. I knew he was capable of kidnapping her or otherwise get his will through.

"If you drive me to school and pick me up?"
I nodded. Lilly knew that there were things I was afraid of and also that she was a teenager, She saw at me when it was seriousness behind the words. I drank coffee and tried not to show how nervous I was. Niall could stand outside the house and he could look me up.


I dropped by Lilly in school and puffed out. I hadn't seen a glimpse of Niall and I had just perceived normal people with my senses. Maybe he dropped the craving to come after me, now when I had found my place in life. I sighed and drove straight home. I parked outside the house and saw my neighbour waved to me. I waved as usual back and swallowed. I wondered if the neighbours saw that I wasn't aged or if they didn't care. I had chosen to live a pretty lonely life without friends. I couldn't stand the lies and I knew I eventually had to let them go.


In the afternoon I went back to school and a happy Lilly came out. She said goodbye to her friends and ran towards the car. She leaped into the seat and looked at me with a happy look.
"Okay!" I got out of me and laughed. "What happened?"
She giggled and put the bag down on the floor.
"Simon spoke to me today. He said I was good at math and asked if I wanted to help him catch up!"
I laughed a little bit and took the car back home.
"So that means?"
"That he knows who I am!" almost cried she. "He's so cute and I just love it when he smiles at me. He's so perfect mom and I think I'm so in love with him."
I just smiled at her and drove up to the house.


We came into the kitchen and immediately took Lilly a glass with water. She talked on about Simon and I heard how happy she was. Right as it was she stiffened and stared at the door. I followed her gaze and saw Niall standing in the doorway. He had eyes only for Lilly and I went cold.
"How'd you get in?"
He didn't let Lilly go with his eyes.
"The door!"
I went straight away to my daughter and stood in the way.
"What do you want?"
Niall came in and sat down on a chair. He let his eyes drift back to me.
"You lied to me?"
I swallowed
"I didn't tell you the whole truth!"
I just wanted to cry.
"You have no right to come here after fifteen years and require a lot of things., It was you who betrayed me and chose to take advantage of me!"

"Who is he?" Lilly whispered in my ear.
"An old friend!" I said cool and saw that Niall didn't like what I said. He looked coldly at me and then shook his head.
"You can't keep on like this!"
I swallowed again and tried to keep me calm.
"Well, I learned how to lie from a pro. Since then it has just been easier to suffer through life. You have yourself to blame!"
I then looked at Lilly.
"Either you go up to the room, or go to a friend!"
She nodded and left us. Niall followed her with his eyes and I realized that nothing would be the same again.


Once Lilly had left the house Niall stood up and walked over to me. He stood close to me and I felt my body was shaking. I was affected, but didn't allow him to succeed all the way.
"She's mine too!" Niall muttered and raised his hands. He grabbed my face and forced me to look at him. "She's mine too!"
I swallowed and shook the head.
"You lost the right to be a part in hers life when you betrayed me. You made your choice once and I have nothing with your life to do!"
Niall smiled cold and let my face go. He looked down at my body and I knew immediately that he still wanted me. His eyes said it all and he stripped me naked with his eyes.
"I'm here to stay!" he whispered happily. "You are my family and you can't stop me!"
He took his hands around my waist and brought me to him. I groaned but tried to show that I didn't want him.


Our lips met and I did everything to not answer it. Still, he managed to get me going and I took my arms around his shoulders. God, how wonderful kisses! I remembered that I had loved it once and I had always wanted more. Now, it felt more like a compulsion, or as if he steered me. He lifted me up on the bench and stood between my legs. I took my legs around his waist and felt the desire grew. I had been without a man in my life and I had missed Nialls body. Why I couldn't resist him?


He pulled down my pants and then his own. It was as if he wanted to prove that I was still his. That he had power over me and that he always got what he wanted. I felt how he penetrated and we disappeared into the fog. I moaned, kissed him and felt he filled me. He lifted me down to the floor and we spun around like crazy. In the end, I felt he made me shake. I stabbed him and bit his skin. I felt the orgasm came and I couldn't stop my own body. I heard he groaned when I stabbed him with my teeth, and he loved it.


Afterwards he kissed me and we saw how our wounds healed. I looked into his eyes and wondered what would happen. What would I do now? I had struggled for fifteen years to get away from him, but at the same time, I loved him.

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