This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


6. Blood

Lilly just stared at Niall. She said nothing and she didn't respond. I felt her hand search up mine and she took it hard in her. Niall tried to smile, but I saw that he was too nervous to even show emotion.
"I'm your dad, Lilly!" he said, and seemed not even sure those words. Lilly looked directly at me and she saw how scared I was. She swallowed and didn't know who she would talk to or listen to.
"But Mom, why is he shows up now?"
"I found you!" Niall said almost proudly. "I've been looking for Nelly everywhere and I found her. I didn't know about you, but I've always wanted a daughter!"
Lilly looked directly at him coldly and didn't want to believe his words.
"And mom's grandmother?"
I cheered inside. She had listened to my words. I was proud of her and I knew what she was thinking. She thought as me!
"It's your mother I love!" he said, and immediately I snorted.
"And you believe in that? But it still a lie!"

Niall stood in the middle of the floor and looked at us.
"You don't realize how important it is to have a family?"
"Yeah!" I exclaimed immediately. "But I prefer families that don't lie and makes me feel betrayed. Niall you hurt me, but you do not realize how much it hurts when you get here!"
He looked at me and it was as if he understood, but admitted nothing.
"But we can just forget everything that happened and start over?"
I shook my head
"Don't you remember that I gave you a chance? Once you kicked out Liam!"

I saw that Niall felt hopeless and was devastated, but I felt no sympathy. I wanted to give him a chance, but I didn't dare. It was better to stay away from him and avoid being let down again.
"Niall, I can't let you run over me again!" I whispered. "I've done everything to suppress you, but you're like a boomerang, you always come back!"


Lilly had to go to bed. I followed her up the room and hugged her tightly.
"I had a reason to lie!" I whispered. "I love you and I don't want you to think I was selfish. He hurt me so much!"
She hugged me back
"I see that, mom, I see it in your eyes!"
I released her and ran my hand through her ​​hair.
"Sleep now so you can go up tomorrow!"
She nodded and then looked toward the door
"Is he going to stay?"
I didn't know what to say.
"I don't know, I might not get rid of him so easily, but we live our lives as we like and don't care about him!"


Niall sat on the couch like a king when I came down to him. I saw that he liked to be in the house, but I looked directly at him coldly.
"I want you to go!"
He shook his head
"No, I'm not going to leave my family!"
I sighed directly and tried to come up with good lies to come by.
"My husband comes home!"
He laughed
"I have already gone through your photos on the walls and you have no husband. Liar Nelly and I'm the only one to have!"
I just wanted to go and die. How would I get rid of him.
"I'm calling the police!"
He laughed
"And say what?"

"That you aren't welcome here!"
Niall was happy and stood up. He walked over to me and took his hands around my waist.
"You love me!"
I shook my head
"Once I loved you, but not now!"
He leaned forward and I felt his lips against mine. He kissed me and made me give up. I felt he took over me again and steered slightest movement. He ended the kiss and smiled big.
"You are aware that I will always find you. You will always want me and you'll always be mine!"
He smiled broadly
"The vampire have always power over the person he bites! The only thing you can control is the one that you created. I created you!"

"You lie!"
He shook his head
"You already know that I'm in charge. You already know that I'm the only one who can control you and the only one that will ever own you completely!"

He looked into my eyes and I tried to back off, but I couldn't. Niall was happy and he enjoyed directing me.
"I can get you when I want!" he mumbled and seemed to want to eat me up completely. "And I'm not going to give me until you give up!"
"It will never happen!"
He laughed and let me go
"You have no idea what I can do and you have no idea what forces I carry on!"
I was ashamed that he was right. I didn't know much about what a vampire could do. I had learned through experience and I was happy with the little power that I could have over people.


I elected to do my usual round in the middle of the night. I always used to go down to the city and walk around. This time Niall followed after me. He kept the distance and he watched every step I took. When we got to a disco he suddenly came up to me and took my hand tightly in his.
"Come on baby!"
He pulled me to the disco and we walked past the guards. I noticed that Niall got them to admit us. He got them to not require pay entry fee and when we got to the dance floor, he smiled big.
"Pick out a couple!"
I looked wonderingly at him.
He laughed
"Then I choose!" He looked over the dancing pairs and then pointed to a guy and a girl. "I choose them!"

He pulled me up to the couple and took his hand on the girl's shoulder.
"Excuse me!"
They looked in surprise at Niall. He looked into their eyes and I saw how he took over their will.
"Can you be so kind to join us?"
"Yes!" they said, and sounded like robots. Niall then pulled me out of the disco and the pair followed like two zombie. We went to an alley and he lined them up against the wall. Then he looked at me.
I shook my head and blinked
"I don't bite!"
He laughed and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. Then he went up to the girl and I saw how he let his lips slide over her neck. When he found her blood vein, he cut to the teeth. He sucked the blood out of her, and I heard he liked it. Then he turned and looked at me. I saw the blood running from his mouth and I instantly felt the need to get blood in me. My teeth were changed and I felt my eyes became aware of the guy's smallest breath. I felt his blood flowed in his body. I was almost in despair and saw Niall laughed
"You can't resist fresh blood Nelly!"
I gulped and looked at the guy. His body was breathing and his heart pounded. I felt the desire took over and without that I had time to think, I threw myself over him. I cut my teeth in his skin and I sucked out him his life. Slowly, I felt my own body become strong and I felt my thoughts became clearer. It felt like getting an orgasm, but without the sex. I almost groaned against his skin and I couldn't let him go. I sucked the smallest drop, till it was gone and after I released the body to the ground. I panicked. I had killed for the first time in my life.


I felt Niall took his arms around my waist. My thoughts spun around and I felt he started kissing my neck. I felt his hands caress me over the clothes and immediately I felt a strong desire. I groaned and turned around. We tore off our clothes and he threw me on the ground. He penetrated and I felt how he filled me. I felt he took me and how he kissed me. My whole body was aware of every movement and I had never felt so horny for sex. Niall moved hard against my body and he pressed hard his cock in me. We ended up in a desperate state, and it was absolutely wonderful. I felt all the emotions at the same time and my body was like a machine. I couldn't stop it. 


Afterwards we just lay and breathed. I was in shock and gave him a cold stare.
He laughed and lay down on top of me again.
"Isn't it wonderful? Once you have fresh blood in the body you become like insane. You moves quickly and we know more., I can give you such a life. A life with emotions and satisfaction."
I looked over at the two dead bodies.
"But they have a life and they will be missed!"
Niall smiled and laughed a little bit.
"I don't care and you shouldn't bother you! They are our food and we have to eat food!"
I looked at him in surprise again.
"But you saved the people and you never bit anyone?"

Niall kissed me lightly.
"I have also changed myself. I realized I could not live like a wimp and be afraid of everything and everyone. You made ​​me realize that life consisted of more than insecurity!"
I gulped and realized that he was right. I once had been angry because he was so afraid of the villagers and hid. But the new Niall was worse! He did all the things we wouldn't do. I hadn't seen a vampire kill before and it made ​​me wonder if I wanted to be like that. I didn't want to kill for blood's sake, but he was right in that body felt much healthier and all my senses were enhanced.


"Nelly! You have so much to learn!" he whispered in my ear. "I can take care of you and Lilly. In return, I will teach you everything!"
I was scared
"If I don't want to?"
He looked into my eyes.
"I'm here to take what belongs to me and you are mine as much as Lilly!"

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