This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


2. A typical day

"Lilly come on!"
I heard she moved upstairs, but she showed no signs of jumping out of bed. I sigh! She was fifteen years old and she was anything but malleable. I struggled to get day to work and she did the opposite.
"You'll be late!" I screamed and immediately I heard a sigh from her. "I'll drive you to school, just you come down and have breakfast!"
Finally, I heard that she went out of bed!


Much had changed over the years and we were in a crisis. I found it hard to get hold of blood and I had difficulty getting jobs. The problem was that I knew it would be like this forever. Sometimes it felt as if my punishment was to be vampire, but at the same time it was nice to have my abilities. Lilly knew that I could hear her talking on the phone, what she said and what the boys said. I didn't always listen, but sometimes. My hearing was excellent and I saw everything. She couldn't lie to me, because my eyesight, my hearing and all my senses perceive. Sometimes she hated me! Sometimes she thought it was cool. Mostly we didn't bother.

"When will I be like you?" Lilly used to ask.
"I can't bite you!" I replied honest. "Only a male vampire can bite you, Mom can just bite guys!"
"Damn, you're boring!" she muttered always, "I'll make you bite a guy so he can bite me!"
I sighed
"Honey, it's not that simple, and your mom don't want to bite one single person!"


I drove the car outside of school and I saw Lilly's eyes were looking for her gang.
"See you then!" she murmured and jumped out. I watched as she hurried forward to that special guy. I didn't know what his name was, but she always looked at him when he appeared. I smiled a little bit and recognized me from my youth.


Lilly had a lot going on in the body, in her life, and maybe she was like I had once been? I had only cared about friends, boys and parties. The difference was that I always stood outside parties. I listened carefully for what other planned and made sure nothing happened to Lilly. I'd even sometimes followed her invisible when she was out with friends in the shops. I knew that danger threatened everywhere, but maybe I was overprotective. I knew that one day I had to let her go and be like a normal mom.


I peeked out the window and met Laura's mother's gaze. I rolled down the window of the car and smiled at her.
She laughed and inspected me closely.
"It's long time since I saw you, but what keeps you so young? You haven't aged one day since our children were born?"
I laughed and realized that it would soon be time to replace the city. I had to move around so as no one arouse suspicion. I had really tried not to think about that part, because Lilly would be devastated. Yet fifteen years long time to stay on one place. Everyone around me was older, but I was the same.

"I use creams and things that are good for the skin!" I lied, and she laughed. I quickly changed the subject.
"So how are you?"


I drove home and felt my body began to lose steam. It was time to visit the hospital and see if I could get blood in me. I was tired of this quest. Every day was about survival and I refused to kill one man, just to get into my liquor.

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