This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


10. A life

"Mom!" Lilly whispered to me one morning. "I want to go down to the village or elsewhere. Simply we need to come out from here for a while!"
I smiled at her and nodded. I looked up the car keys and we found the car at the back.
"Do you think there petrol?" I got out of me and Lilly just stared at me.
"It's a car mom, it didn't come to this place without gasoline?"
I laughed and we jumped in the car. It started and pretty soon we were on the road to village.


Lilly was a little disappointed that it wasn't as at home. The shops were small and the villagers were not exactly her age. Still, she seemed to like to come out. We wandered down to the diner and sat at a table. She got what she wanted and chose the salad with a gas water.


"Mom how is it to never eat food?" she asked suddenly. I smiled at her and found that I didn't care so much.
"I can eat, but I don't need to!" I said honestly. "I don't fill me with food and actually it's nice to not be hungry!"
Lilly began eating and looked out over the street.
"So you came here for over fifteen years ago?"
I nodded
"I was pretty naive and perhaps a little hungry for adventure. I lived like you, but my mom and didn't know so much about things!"

Lilly looked at me again and stopped eating.
"Do you miss England?"
I nodded, but then shook lightly on the head.
"I don't know, I lack a bit of life that I had, but in a way I'm pleased., I got you and I've still got me a pretty good life after all?"
She nodded and looked at me closely. She looked at my face and immediately showed that I wondered why. She looked down and blushed.
"You're only five years older than me!"

I realized she was right. I became a vampire at twenties and now I was sitting with my fifteen year old daughter. I assumed it must be strange for her.
"Maybe we can start saying that we're siblings!" Lilly got out of herself and then looked at me again. "Some of my friends didn't think you were my biological mother, because you were so young!"
I frowned
"Why didn't you tell me that?"
she swallowed
"I didn't want to move, and you always said that we would move when the people began to suspect something!"

"Okay!" I whispered out of me and realized that I had missed that part. I had never wondered how Lilly had it. Well I had, but I hadn't assumed that her friends did care. "I'm your sister, then!"
She nodded and met my gaze again.
"Then I don't need to lie and say that you made the facelift and such with your body!"
I began to laugh
"But it was a good excuse?"
She nodded and smiled at me.
"I know, I also said that you had enlarged breasts, but it was just to shine!"
I laughed so hard that I almost fell off the chair. God, she had been lying!


We bought clothes and then we started to get ready to go home. Right as it was captured a placard my curiosity. It was a picture of a vampire with the text: "How do you know your neighbour is a vampire?"
Lilly saw the sign and pulled me hard in the arm.
"Mom, let's go!"
I chose not to go. I went into the store and immediately it was like coming to an ancestor world. There was all about witches, vampires, werewolves and other things. A man stood behind the counter and smiled at me. I smiled back and then looked around.
"Mom!" Lilly whispered behind me and I heard that she was angry. "WE shouldn't be here!"
I still chose to walk around and right as it was, I came to a collection of books.
"How do you kill vampires?" was written on them, and direct I lifted up one of them.

"There's a sale on them!" said the man directly behind the counter and came over to me. He smiled and looked at me with excited eyes. "It's no longer popular book, but they are pretty okay to read if you like the subject!"
I gulped and nodded
"How much?"
"You get it for half price if you want it!"
I looked up at him and nodded. He took it and went to the checkout. I paid and got the book in a bag.

"Come back if you want to read more!" he said and I just nodded. I left the store and I saw that Lilly was angry.
"What are you doing mom? Are you going to kill yourself?"
I smiled at her.
"Your father said you can't kill vampires, and that everything in all the books isn't true. I just want to read it!"


I hid the book when we got back to the castle. I didn't know why I wanted to buy it and I guess I didn't have any benefit from it. Lilly was silent and said nothing to Niall.


When Lilly had gone to bed, I chose to go into Nialls and my bedroom. I was just there and changed my clothes, but otherwise we didn't used the bed. I sighed and lay down on the mattress. I looked up at the ceiling and closed my eyes. Actually I didn't have to sleep. It was nice to dream, because I couldn't dream any more. I lay and thought about how it felt. I remembered what it was like to sleep in, but everything else was blurred.


I don't know why but a sound caught my interest. I heard someone walk outside the castle and immediately went over to the window. To my surprise, I saw Louis and he seemed to look for something. As a vampire, you could move quickly, so I came out to him before one second had passed.
"Hu" he shouted and jumped high when he saw me. I smiled weakly and immediately he recognized me. "Nelly?"
I smiled and hugged him. He looked as I remember, but older.

"What are you doing here?" I got out of me and immediately he released me.
"Niall threw out all when you had disappeared." he got out of him. "I didn't even have time to get my things and am looking for a secret passage. I don't want run into Niall!"
I understood him.
"But you can come when I'm alone home?"
Louis shook his head and seemed unsure if he could trust me.
"Why did you come back?" he got out, and immediately I smiled.
"Niall found me and our daughter. I had no choice!"
"Daughter?" he exclaimed immediately and looked crestfallen out. "Have you a daughter?"

I nodded
"She's my daughter and Nialls. Lilly and she's fifteen years old!"
Louis just stared at me and then he smiled.
I laughed and then looked at the wall
"So where's that door?"


Louis didn't find the door and I had no idea where it would be.
"He may have closed it!" I said uncertainly. "Niall has renovated and changed a lot things here!"
Louis sighed and then looked at me.
"Can't you look up the basement one day. There's a secret door behind the wine cellar and it leads to a room containing paper and another stuff. I want my diaries, they lying there!"
I nodded
"Anything else?"
He thought
"Take that stuff as you think I want!"

He then gave me a business card.
"You can reach me at almost any time of day!"
I nodded and put the card in my pocket. I hugged him again.
"Promise to take care of you!"
Louis hugged me back and let me then quickly go.
"You too!"

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