This is the sequel to "Left Alone". The story of vampires!


12. A choice

One evening there was a knock on the door and Lilly opened. Niall disappeared out into the hall and they seemed to talk to someone. I let my curiosity take over and went out to them. I was surprised when a nervous Louis stood there. He was wet, skinny and he looked pale. I noticed that Niall wasn't fond of the fact that Louis showed up. That's why I become angry.
"Let him in the house!"
Niall looked a little bit annoyed at me and then released into Louis the hall, who in turn smiled gratefully at me.
"I'm sorry if I come and disturb you, but I need to talk to you!"
Lilly understood that he was a friend to us and disappeared quite quickly up to her own room. Niall received Louis wet coats and put it on a chair
"What do you want?"

I took Louis to the kitchen and he sat down right away. I saw that he had changed since I last time saw him and wondered immediately what had happened.
"We don't don't want more people staying over at the house!" Niall mumbled. "I still have no job for you!"
I punched Niall hard on the arm and was almost angry with him. He could at least try to be nice.
"What do you Lou?"
Louis swallowed and then looked up at us.
"Well it's that I'm dying. Doctor said that I just have one year left to live!"
Niall snorted, but immediately saw that I was angry at him. He therefore chose to swallow pride.
"Do you need money?"

Louis took the paper out of a bag and laid them on the table.
"When I lived in the castle, I made inquiry on how we could change the vampire story into something good and I figured out that you can cure sick people. I figured out that your antibodies can help me."
He continued to babble in different terms, but it ended up with that neither Niall nor I didn't understand. In the end, I had to silence down Louis.
"Can you take it so that we understand?"

Louis took a deep breath and then looked at me.
"Please, can you bite me so that I become vampire?"
I just gaped and direct startled as Niall also did. Niall shook the head directly.
"This isn't a hospital and what happens if she gets influenced by your blood and get sick?"
Louis swallowed
"It's precisely the point., You can't suffer from a single disease, and instead of killing you cure me!"
I didn't know what to say. I sat down on a chair and looked down on all his papers. I realized that Louis had AIDS. It came as a shock but I chose to try to keep me calm.
"How do you know I don't get your illness?"
Louis smiled
"I did the test in the castle and every test I conducted ended the same way. Deleting my blood and makes me a vampire replace my blood. At the same time you cleanse my blood!"

Niall pulled directly away and shook his head again. I chosen't to say against Louis, but tried to think clearly.
"But I've never made one other person into a vampire?"
Louis laughed a little bit and picked up all the papers.
"That makes us two! All I ask is that you bite me and when I'm healthy again I will leave you alone. I will not disturb you, and I will not ask for more!"
Niall snorted
"And what do we get from you in return?"
Louis looked up at him and thought
"I can always contact the hospital and make sure that you get blood every week, so it last?"


Niall pulled me out from the kitchen, leaving Louis alone.
"You don't say yes!"
I got angry and looked at him coldly.
"For once I can save a man and you say no. What's the thing that you have against him and the others? Louis is sick and he's going to die if I don't ..:"
Niall took his hand over my mouth.
"Think about it! We will have him hanging out here and you have no idea what it means to make a man into a vampire!"
I became angry and struck away his hand.
"As you know? Suffice it to look at you, I know how he shouldn't be!"
Niall sigh and was almost frustrated.
"When you have bitten him, you will forever be his leader. YOU will be his God, and you are sure you want it?"
I was boiling with anger.
"Niall, you're not my god and yet you did bite me!"

Directly he stopped and I realized that it was more like he wasn't telling me. I had noticed that with Niall. He's spoken about the important and jumped over the other things.
"But you love me!" he whispered, almost pleading with me. "We're a couple and you are with me and not with him!"
I sighed
"I know, but I want to save him!"
Niall fell almost together and didn't have more to say. He looked at me with pleading eyes and leaned against the wall.
"Please say no!"


I knew I had made ​​mistakes in my life. Many times, I made the wrong choice and I know I regretted it afterwards. This time I didn't care whether I was right or not. I looked coldly at Niall and then went out to the kitchen.
"I'll do it on one condition!"
Louis swallowed and I saw that hope came back to him.
I went to him.
"I don't wanna be your leader and I don't want you to be my slave. I turn you into a vampire, but then are you yourself?"
Niall came after.
"I will not stand for this!"
I looked at him coldly.
"Then you can leave the house!"

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