Brothers bestfriend

*may contain swearing

A girl, pained as she has to make a life changing decision with choosing between two boys she's in love with.


6. Thanks Lou!

"Hey girl friend! "Louis mocked in a high pitched girly, sassy voice

"Was that really necessary Lou?" I said annoyed

"Of course it is, always!" he replied

"UUGGHH, come on loser" I stated

"Who you calling a loser! hey Payne?" he scowled

"You, now lets go Tomlinson" and with that I walked to off to science with Mr Hill, Great! I thought


I walked through the door and took my seat at the back off the room and waited for the pain in my arse to walk through the door. he walked through the door only to earn a glance from Mr Hill

"Late are we again Mr Tomlinson?" Mr Hill asked only giving him a glare

"Nope Sir" he said and took he seat next to me


"Heya missy" he said

"Shut up Lou" I teased

" No need to get your nickers in a twist" he said

I gave him a death glare, he smirked


me and Lou were talking about how he and the, Toys wanted to on a holiday and take me but it was supposed to be a surprise

"Payne, Tomlinson detention at break!" Mr Hill yelled

SHIT! Liam going to kill me!

"Thanks Lou, Liam's going to kill me" I said

"He's going to kill me more" he said "But your welcome"

It was true, he's going to kill both of us, it'll just blame Lou! Yeah, I'll blame Louis

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