Heaven Fall

An angel and human... Roux and Nahla have been together for less than a few months but, it feels like they have known each other for eternity. But will the devilish new boy at school change anything? Is Roux and Nahla's relationship at risk, of something in disguise... something dark? (Sequel to Heaven-Sent.)


1. Nahla

Clubbing and parties was what everyone was interested in at about the age of twelve or thirteen. Getting hammered and sneaking a glass or two of whisky into the soft drinks, seemed the glamorous life style to all the eager year eights. Excited to to grow up and go out in short skirts and meter-high heels.

So, whenever the chance to go out and have fun came up, I would pounce on it and beg my parents . But, no. This all seemed so unfair. That was a few years ago, before it happened. Before I met Roux, last summer. I finally saw, that dating the popular, sporty guy and sneaking into house-parties with all the girls in glossy lipstick and tight tops wouldnt make me feel any better about myself.

When Darren dumped me (by text) for the hot new girl that looked eighteen, I was distraught. I felt I wasnt good enough for him and he made me feel it, by beating me up outside the takeaway. Until, he leapt out of nowhere, with his blue eyes, pale skin and dark fringe over one eye. I felt a spark. he turned the tables of my mind, he beat Darren. I delt with the rest as he disappeared as if a cloud of smoke had swallowed him up.

After that night, I could not stop thinking about him. The boy who had swooped down and saved me from humiliation. Our bond grew closer, when we met again, in the glade of the forest. We kissed. I saw fireworks. I had never felt them before, with Darren. I just convinced myself I had and tried not to think about it. But, things got out of hand when I saw what he really was. Feathered wings sprouted from his back like arms of cushion-stuffing.

Freaked out, I didnt think about his feelings and tumbled off in blind-panic. But, I did get used to it. After a while. We talked, we understood, we laughed and we realised. We flew. It was like nothing I had ever done before. The control, yet the wildness. But, people found out. And, forced us apart. The angel authoroties got involved and took us away, but we were magnetic. Soon, we were together again, and beat them. Now, everything is back to normal. And, as I said...

"Parties are really not my thing anymore, Adele."

"Bullshit!" She tugs at my arm.

"You really liked them, remember all the house-parties in year nine? When we were with everyone from the year. Julie, Anna, Livy and ..."

"Darren?" She shifts awquardly.

"I suppose he might have been to one or two..."

"He went to all of them, Adele. With us!"

"Hey, dont blame me for trying to avoid the subject." We are silent for a time.

"Its Electra Green's end of term party, Nahla. Wev'e got to go!"

"No chance! Electra is the chavy slut who turned Darren against me and me against him, Adele! We both know that! Anyway she would never have invited us, what makes you so sure we can go?"

"Well, I was thinking..."

"...We could gatecrash the party?"

"Uh, yeah." I shake my head, smiling.

"That is your plan every time! Anyway, I would'nt go if I was invited. I don't want to spend an entire evening with her jabbering away at how sweet, kind and understanding he is. And, that I never deserved him in the first place. Plus, seducing all the other guys. You know what she's like!"

"Yeah, but it would be a great girls night out. We havn't had one of those in ages! Please, Nahla. We could just avoid her if you'd like."

I wonder at my come back. "I told you I wouldn't like the people going, they would be everywhere! I would never go to Electra Green's party if it was the last place on earth."

My english teacher looks up at that. Everyone is silent. I grin, nervously.

"I mean, Electra Green's party? Yeay! I'll think that over while I carry on with my work. Comprehension tests are my favourite, Sir." He raises an eyebrow. 

"See me, afterwards. Nahla Becket."


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