The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


14. The Psychopath's Stalker Part 3

Gabriel's POV


Psychopath Chapter 14


             "I hope you know that the police are gonna look for me." Gabriel said to the man. "My uncle is coming over tonight and he'll wonder why I'm not at home."

            "Yes they will be looking for you. But I hope you know that they'll have to wait for 24 hours before the identify you as missing. And by that time you will be dead." Said the unnamed man.

            "Unless there's proof he's kidnapped." A very familiar voice from behind the man said.

             "Elizabeth...." Gab whispered to himself mostly. "What are you... What are you doing here?!!" Gabriel shouted but Elizabeth ignored him.

            "My beautiful..." the man said to her.


            "So you found my gift?" Walter asked.

             "I-.. Yes." He heard Elizabeth say quietly . "Walter why are you doing this?"

            "Why? Isn't this what you want? To revenge on the people who hurt you? I'm just making it easy for you, Elizabeth. You know I would do anything to see you happy." Walter told her.

            "Did I ask you to interfere?" she said with much annoyance.

            "No but--"

            "No. I didn't. Now let him go."

            Walter just stared at her then he turned to look at Gabriel. "Did you change your mind already, huh, Elizabeth?"

            Elizabeth didn't answer.

            Walter laughed loudly. "Unbelievable!!" then he rushed and grabbed Elizabeth. He turned her around so his chest is against Elizabeth's back. "Is this becoming soft?" He then pointed his gun on Elizabeth's chest. "Is it? It is, isn't it?"

            "What is it to you if it is?" Elizabeth said fearlessly.

             "You moron. Leave her out of this!!" Gabriel shouted.

            "You shut up. SHUT UP OR-"

            There was a shot. Then another. And another one.

            7 shots were fired before Walter fell down.

            His body lay there limp but not lifeless. He was still breathing, Gabriel could tell. He then looked behind the man and saw Elizabeth holding a gun.

            She went over to where Walter's body lay. She looked around for something and when she saw it she went over to get it. It was a gallon of something.

            "It just happened that we're in a firecracker factory. Huh." He heard Elizabeth tell herself.

            "What.. What is that?" Gabriel asked her hoarsely. At one point he forgot he was still bound on a chair.

            "Flammable." Elizabeth.

             "Wha-....what are you-" before he could finish, Elizabeth pour the content of the gallon to. Walter's body.

            "Please.. S-spare me..." The man said as he still lay there limp.

             "You didn't listen to me when I asked you to NOT INTERFERE." Elizabeth shouted.

            It was the first time Gabriel heard her shout and it scared him.

            "Please.. I beg--AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Walter shouted in pain as Elizabeth lit a match and threw it to his body. Walter was in flames and he was still alive. He was shouting for help.

            He saw how Elizabeth, his sweet Elizabeth, kill somebody in front of him. For him.

             Elizabeth went over to Gabriel. For a short moment he felt a flicker of fear but he dismissed the emotion immediately. Elizabeth would never do that to him.

            She then loosen the restraints around his arms and legs one by one.

             "Can you stand?" Elizabeth asked him.

            "Y-Yes." He said to her.

            "Go out of the building now." she ordered.

             He had no choice but to oblige. The next thing he knew was the whole building was on fire.

            "You.. You killed somebody.." Gabriel said still not believing what he saw.

             "It's better that way. Somebody would die anyway. If I didn't do that then you'd be dead instead." She turned to look at him. "Just be thankful I found you."

            "Why didn’t you let the police handle it?!" Gabriel angrily asked her.

            "The police said they have to wait for the abductor to contact them before doing anything. And if he didn't, they'll have to wait for 24 hours before the  search for you. By that time you are dead."

             "Why did you have to do that?! You.. What if the police found out! You could go to jail!"

             "Are you listening to me?" He didn't answer. "I know what I'm doing." She calmly said. "Do you think this is the first time I killed somebody?"

             "Wh-What?.. How many?.."

             "Too many." She answered.

             For a moment nobody spoke.

"Now that you know what kind of monster I am, are you still sure you want me back?" Elizabeth asked him. When he didn’t answer she walked to a car in the parking lot. Elizabeth motioned for him to come follow her.

            “I’ll take you to the hospital but before anything—“

            “I won’t tell anybody. I’ll make up my own story.” Gabriel said. Elizabeth only nodded before she proceeded driving to the nearest hospital.

            “Elizabeth?” He called out before they stepped out of the car. “Yes.”

            “What?” Elizabeth was obviously confused.

            “I still want you back. And you’re not a monster. I know you’re doing this for a reason.” Gabriel said to her.

            “You maybe right.” Elizabeth said as she helped him get out of the car. “But I still kill people.”


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