The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


11. The Psychopath's Stalker Part 1

            He was wrong, he knew that. He did her wrong and as much as he wants to he could never ever change that. Regrets are all that’s left now. Oh, the things he’s willing to give up to turn back time, to make it right, and to be with her…


            He was hurt, probably not as much as she was but almost. It hurt him more to know that she’s hurting, crying because of him. Untrusting, fragile, broken. He hated seeing her like that. He hated leaving her alone but she didn't want him there and staying against her will, might just cause more damage.


             'So what would you do? Leave her alone? Like how you left her before?' his conscience nagged him.


              'She needs more time.' the rational part of his mind said.


              His train of thoughts was interrupted when he accidentally bumped onto someone.


              "Oh, I'm so sorry." Gabriel said to the man. A man who was close his age but obviously different from the others. He had and air of suspiciousness surrounding him and it unsettled Gabriel


              "What did she ever saw in you?" the man in question said.


              "Pardon me?" Gabriel said. But instead of answering, the man sprinted away as if he was being chased. No, not that. He ran away as if he has been caught red handed doing something he shouldn't be doing.


              'You're just being paranoid, Gabriel.' he thought to himself.



Mystery POV


            Elizabeth.... My beautiful beautiful Elizabeth... How dare he hurt you? How dare he make you cry..


            Don't you worry, I'm here.  I won't let anybody make you cry my love. Nobody. You shall never shed a tear. My beautiful Elizabeth...


           Do you like flowers? I hope you do. I shall leave some on your doorstep. I hope this makes you smile. I like it when you smile.


           Don't worry about that boy, my beautiful. I shall take care of him for you. I will take care of him for you. Nothing shall ever come between me and you... My beautiful Psychopath....

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