The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


4. The Fraud

It's been a while since her last kill. Everybody's been wondering where good ole' Graham went.


"I guess no one have found the body yet." she shrugged to herself. Then as if on cue, the news caster went on talking about another lifeless body found in the woods. "There goes Graham."


Everything seemed to be how it should be. Well, almost. "Another victim of the Psychopath was found near the Redwood Port last night. Autopsy says he'd been poisoned before being finally bludgeoned to death....."


The news caster kept on talking but Elizabeth wasn't listening. "I don't remember doing that." she said.


 At first, she thought it was nothing but a harmless police mistake but days passed and more and more victims were found. Also, a letter from the said 'Psychopath' was found within the perimeters of the crime scene.


 "Someone's stealing my title." she said. She did not like it too. "I guess it's time to pay 'The Psychopath' a well deserved visit."


She waited patiently by the port, hoping there would be signs of him/her.


 It was getting pretty late when she heard a piercing scream nearby. She stood up and went to the scene. There she saw an unconscious man and someone else wearing hideous black coat with a rifle in his hand.


"Just a tip," she started. "That's not how the Psychopath kills her victims." The man turned to look at her. He was fat and probably in his mid forties. He looks desperate too. He's act is so obvious. No criminal in their right mind would want to seem so obvious.


But then again, criminals are out of their minds.


“What would a little girl know?” he snarled. “I am the psychopath! I know what I’m doing!”


“I doubt that.” She said. “What’s your preference in choosing your victims? May I ask?” she stepped closer.


“I don’t need a preference!”


“Wrong.” She calmly said. “She does.”


“You do realize that you are talking to the Psychopath, don’t you? You should have left when you had the chance. Now I have no choice but to kill you!”


“Wrong again.” She stepped closer once more. “She does not kill her witnesses, she just blinds them.”


“What do you know? I AM THE PSYCHOPATH!”


“WRONG!” she screamed ash she lunged at him and hit him with her hammer. “You are a FRAUD!” she said as she kept on hitting him.


He screamed in pain while she laughed as she did this over and over.


“Let me go! Please!” he begged.


“The Psychopath never begs!” she said as she continued her torture.


He tried to run be he was limping and she was faster. She took his gun from the side walk and shot his knees, both of them.


“The Psychopath prefers axes and hammers rather than poisons. She likes it messy and painful. Very painful, just how they deserve.” She stated.


“You-you’re crazy!” he stuttered.”You’re out of your mind!” he cried.


“They don’t call me the psychopath for nothing, do they now?” she said to him.


“The Psychopath?” he almost whispered.


She stared down at him. “The one and only. And do you know what?” she knelt down to mean his eyes. “She hates impostors.”


“P-please spare me!” he said shakily. “I’m your biggest fan!”


“I’m touched.” She said nonchalantly. “Too bad, flattery does not work for me.”


She then started to shoot him with his own weapon.


“Might as well make it useful.” She said then when she had enough of the gun, she took her pocket knife. She’d been itching to use this on him. She carved deep wounds on his face till he was screaming for mercy.


She had no mercy.


“Noisy. I hate noisy.” Then she stuck the knife into his throat and pulled it back again making his blood gush out and splatter all over her.


She took the gallon of gasoline from her car and bathed him with it. She threw his gun toward him and lit him up with a match.


The screams did not last long. Shame. Then she disappeared into the night as she hummed.


It’s ironic how people hated being called a psychopath. Now it seems people are fighting over the title.


Well, she’s not just a psychopath. She is The Psychopath.



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