The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


6. Revenge Begins

She knew who she saw, and she knew he saw her too. She wasn't planning revenge yet, she wanted more time but she guessed fate has other plans.


"Elizabeth, are you okay?" one of the cashiers in the supermarket asked her. It wasnt a surprise that they know her here, she's some people that is.


"I'm moving back home." Elizabeth blurted out before she even knew it. Home...that word sounds so foreign to her.


"Oh, that's....sad. We'll miss you." the cashier said.



A week after she packed all her belongings, not that she had many. She sighed as she looked at the passing scene on her window. She wanted to back out but she can't she spent too much time perfecting the craft of revenge and she just can't back down now. She went back to the old building where she used to live.


She put all her belongings to the side and slumped down against the wall. She's confused. She's not so sure anymore.


"Elizabeth?" She knew that voice too well. Too well that all the memories came back, all the pain and hurt came.back.


"Gabriel." she said without looking at him, for if she did, she might break down and she doesn't want to be weak.


Because if she was honest with herself, she would have to admit that she's still inlove with him, she never stopped loving him.

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