The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


10. Hiding The Psychopath

  “Breaking News, the city mayor’s grandson, Michael Espinosa was found dead in the middle of the woods early this morning. There were multiple bruises found all over his body. The police suspect it was a wild animal attack. The authorities are still waiting for the autopsy reports to—”


  “Wild animal attack?” she whispered to herself. “They’re trying to cover me up, huh. How sweet. But it’s not how it’s supposed to happen.” She added as she wiped the last drop of blood from her gun. She already burned the clothes she wore at the crime scene.


  Nobody could trace her now, but maybe she wanted to be traced, she wanted people to fear her. She wanted what she really came for, revenge. She sighed. “I guess I got to find another way to be identified. But how?” she asked herself just as she as coming up with the answer, she heard a knock. “Who could it be?” she asked herself.


  She’s quite used to talking to herself by now. She smiled at that thought. Of course, she is the psychopath after all.


  There was another knock. “I’m coming.” She said just loud enough for the intruder to hear but before that, she already hid the gun. She opened the door to reveal a smiling Gabriel.


  She was about to close the door but Gabriel stopped her. “Wait!” he said. “Um, I, uhm.” “I’m quite busy. Please make it quick.” She said softly. “Uhm well, Alice’s boyfriend died—”


  “I know.” she said. “Is that all?”


  “Uhm, no. I was thinking if you’d want to come to his funeral with me, you know, just to show Alice and Michael’s family some—”


  She was insulted. Very insulted. Alice did not respect her, so she’d decided to return the favor. “They didn’t come when my baby died. Nobody did.” She said emotionless.


  “I-I’m… I’m sorry.” He said sadly.


  “Anyway, just send my condolences to them.” Then she shut the door. She hated these encounters with Gabriel. They make her want to forget about revenge, forgive him, give him a chance and be happy. “Be happy?” she whispered, humored by her own thought as she sat against her door. “I’ll never be happy. Not until I get what I want.” She said then she sighed sadly.


  “Elizabeth?” she heard Gabriel whisper from the other side of the door.


  “What?” she asked, her voice breaking. She’s almost in the verge of tears.


  “I’m sorry. I really, really am.” Gabriel apologized. “I didn’t mean to hurt you that way.”


  “It’s okay….” She said quietly. “It’s my own fault for believing that somebody would actually want to be with me.” She laughed lightly at her own silliness.


  “No! It’s- It’s not like that you know.” Gabriel said. Elizabeth heard the vulnerability in his voice. “I really, really loved you. I did, and I still do.” He said softly.


  “I’m big enough to handle the truth Gabriel. I’m not that innocent high school girl anymore.” She said.


  “But I’m—”


  “Go home Gabriel. Forget about me and never come back.” She said her voice finally weak and vulnerable. She stifled a sob but she was unable. She cried again and she hated it.


  “Elizabeth??” Gabriel asked, sounding concerned. “Are you alright??” he asked again, worried.


  “I said go home.” She said while sobbing. “Please. Just leave me.”


  “No. I won’t leave you. I made that same mistake years ago and it’s not happening again. I wont let it happen again.” He said firmly. He tried the knob a couple of times; he must have noticed she locked it. “Open up, Elizabeth. Open up.”


  “Leaving me is the best decision you've ever made, Gabriel. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a psychopath.” She said to him.


  “You are not a psychopath! I’m an idiot for even saying that, Lizzie. Please…”


  “DON’T CALL ME THAT!!!!” she shouted in anger. “DON’T EVER, EVER CALL ME THAT ever again…..” she said as she finally broke down in tears. “GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!! GO AWAY!!”


  “Lizzie, I—”


  “I SAID, GO AWAY!!” she shouted then she was thrown across the room as the door opened. She felt herself being picked up from the floor and into someone’s arms.


  “Lizzie… My beautiful Elizabeth… I’m never gonna let you go. I’ll never let you run away again. I’ll make things right, I promise.” Gabriel whispered to her softly. She didn’t want to listen because if she did, she might just believe him.


  And quite honestly, she did now she’s scared.

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