The Psychopath

Trust. Mistrust. Heartbreak. Revenge.


8. Encounter with Alice

“Hey beauty, I haven’t seen you around here before? New in town?” someone asked Elizabeth flirtatiously just as she was about to leave the town supermarket. She was certain he was new in town. “Do you need a tour guide, maybe?” he asked.


            “No. I’m completely familiar with this town.” Elizabeth answered coldly.


            “Oh. Maybe I could treat you some dinner then?” He offered again, purposely ignoring Elizabeth’s implied rejection.


            “I’m perfectly capable of buying myself dinner.” She told him tersely.


            “Ok… maybe we could meet some other—”


            “I’m not interested.” Elizabeth answered frankly.


            The man grinned and mockingly put his hands up in surrender. “Fine, fine—” he was about to say something when a lady came and pulled his arm.


            “How many times do I have to tell you to stop flirting with my costumers?” a familiar voice said angrily at the man.


            “Chill babe, I’m not flirting with nobody. I was just…making a conversation.” He said then he winked meaningfully at Elizabeth.


            These types of guys are the ones he hated the most. They made her blood boil.


            “Miss, I am sorry for what my boyfriend was—” she stopped mid-sentence and just kept gawking at her. She looked like she’d seen a ghost. Well, it’s as good as that.


            “You keep your man on your leash, Alice.” She said before she finally left.


            She sat alone in her almost empty apartment, contemplating about the happenings. Seeing Alice again has been such a nostalgic experience. Now the pain was starting to build up again. At least she had a reason to go on with her plans.


            That same night, she had nightmares, about Gabriel and his fake love, about her losing her baby, and about her losing her mind.


            She lay in bed, looking at the ceiling. “I need air.” She said to herself. 


            She decided to go for a walk down the streets. She stopped at bench by the shore, the same place where she met with Gabriel 8 years ago. Memories came. Good ones, but she knew she can't let them affect her. She had to get her grip.


            "You can do this, Elizabeth. This is what you're made for. This is what you are... The Psychopath." she said to herself.


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