One Of Millions

Abygail Brown, 18 years old has been broked by her ex-boyfriend. Aby is fully down and just sitting on her room the first week of the summer.
When Aby's bestie asks if she wants to Come with Her on a concert Aby thinks: "What Can get wrong?" and simply says yes. But under the concert a Guy, the blonde One in the band who's playing glares at Her and Aby can't take Her eyes of him.
In "One of millions" you Will read from Diffrent persons perspectives. It's called "POV".
Just to make a picture of Aby:
• Long wavy Brown hair.
• Green eyes.
• Kinda tall
If there's Any wrong-spellings just Don't read it cuz' I'm not best i WORLD at english, but quite Good.

Hope you enjoy this story!


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