The bodyguard

An undercover spy has been sent to Britain to keep one direction safe from harm. What will she do? Will she fail in her mission? Will 1D know who she really is?


7. passionately

I went upstairs to get dressed and wore : 

I have to say when i walked down the stairs to meet the boys they were all surprised cause damn did i look hot. I went with Harry in his car and then Niall decided to join us so we can go there together. Liam, Zayn and Louis went with each other. We entered a huge mall, only a couple of fans came and took photos with the boys and some with me to! We had fun Shopping at first we bought tone of clothes and than we decided to watch  a movie! We watched Frozen 3D and  I loved it.  Liam was so into the movie, he shed a tear in the end! Wow! The boy is sensitive. 
After another couple of hours of eating shopping and having fun, the boys that were dating decided to ga and get ready for their dates. Hazza decided that we should go to the park and have fun. But I had to change my clothes because it started to get cold, even the boys started to shiver so went back home and changed into 

Trust me when i said it was cold! We ended up walking to park! We were singing when a blondie came and sat next to Harry. When she took the hat and glasses off i realized it was Taylor Swift! Harry excused us and went with Taylor! Niall was shocked, so was I. But no one is going to ruin our day so we started walking and talking. We had so much in common. After two hours, it started to thunder and rain like crazy. (Niall N Elissa E)
N: Shit!
E: What are we going to do? I'm gonna call the boys!
N: Don't they don't answer anyone when there on a date.
E: C'mon will run!
N: I'm tired from all the running.
E: Suit your self!
I started to run and Niall ended up joining me. He was fast but i was faster. After about 10 min running we stood under a bridge to catch our breaths. I almost tripped so he held me tight. We were so close. i could feel his breath. I stared into his eyes just before he crashed his lips on mine. His lips were wet so were mine but still it was perfect. He and I blushed right after our wonderful kiss. Then he held my waist and he kissed me passionately. We held hands after it and decided to get a cab because we were tired of running! but before we went to the stopped cab he told me to act as f we were just friends because he can tell the paparazzi. We we arrived we realized that the boys have already came home. When  we walked they just stared at us weirdly. 

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