The bodyguard

An undercover spy has been sent to Britain to keep one direction safe from harm. What will she do? Will she fail in her mission? Will 1D know who she really is?


14. I've got the boys

 Elissa P.O.V. :

  I can't believe it has been 4 days without the lads. Life without them is boring, but Jake gives me  company  now and then. Well now I'm on holiday but the agency asked me to keep an eye on the  boys to make  sure nothing goes wrong. 
 I bought a flat and Jake is my neighbor.  My new bedroom looks like this:

 Well I got three months off. I decided to work in a clothes shop in the same block of the boys. And on  the other side is the diner where Jake works and usually the boys eat there. Well Jake is my partner  on this secret mission which is spying on the boys and making sure that they're protected from  harm. Thinking about the boys makes me want to cry especially remembering Niall and how he used  to love me. Well now he must hate me. 
 I checked the clock and realized that I have 2 hours to go to work. I jumped in the shower and after  that I listened my hair and tied it high up. I wore: (it was cold)



                                                             ***** After work******

 I decide to check up on the boys. I sneaked under the window and I couldn't see any sign of the boys.  I tried another window but still nothing. But I thought for a while and I thought maybe the boys went out  but no their cars are still in the drive way. Maybe someone came and picked them up but if it was  true they would of turned the lights off. But maybe they forgot to. 
 At last I decided to sneak in and look for the boys and if they weren't home I'll wait for them. 
 I saw a tree near Louis's balcony so I climbed it up and jumped on the balcony. I pick locked the door  and I crept in. I was creeping towards the door when i heard a female voice. I listened carefully and  this is all I was able to hear:
    "...... I've got the boys......It was very easy.......Yes sir......Bill is on his way to the house with          them.....No they're knocked out......Don't worry about agent Elissa to get to them she has to go though me....Yes sir..."


 Suddenly I heard footsteps coming closer towards me. I ran without making a sound and jumped  behind the sofa. Phew! It was close. She almost saw me! I grabbed my phone and snapped a  couple of photos of her. They weren't very clear because I didn't use the flash. But I still can fix them  on a website that photographers use. She left the room and I got out from my hiding place. I left the  boys place and ran back home. I saw Jake opening his door and I jumped on his back. He entered  the flat and took me to his room and threw me on his bed. I gave him my phone and when he saw the  photos he said that he has never seen before. 

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