The bodyguard

An undercover spy has been sent to Britain to keep one direction safe from harm. What will she do? Will she fail in her mission? Will 1D know who she really is?


4. biggest embarrassment ever

**** Meeting the boys****
Elissa's P.O.V. :

When i arrived to the place where they were going to preform, i asked for directions to the stage which i actually used for getting to know the place better which will make my task more easy. Finally i arrived to the huge room where the stage was. I over heard the boys manager Paul telling the guys to be on their best behavior because the new dancer will be arriving any minute. So i guess that was my queue to enter in a cool way! So i stood tall, put my hands in my pocket and started to walk near them. Suddenly, i saw Liam waving to my direction so I waved back at him not until i banged my hand in one of the chairs. Really smooth Elissa, you just blew it! I turned around feeling some one was approaching and to my extra embarrassment it had to be Sophia waving to Liam. Good one Elissa they just have to think that I'm a lunatic. Trying to fix it up i walked to them normally and just said hi to show them that i don't really care who they are. I walked up to Paul and thanked him again for accepting me. 

Niall's P.O.V. : 
All of a sudden this cute girl came out of know where and said hi. She didn't scream like the others or faint. Wow! I thought all the girls were the same around us but this one just showed it to me the other way around. The boys called me to have a group talk and guess what they all felt the same. We went back to Paul and the new girl to greet her. 

Elissa's P.O.V. :
No one noticed my embarrassing part, which was good. The all greeted me and asked me out for dinner as friends to get to know each other because we were a big family. I accepted their invitation. They taught me the dance move and they were impressed that i learn very fast. After we finished dancing for a few hours we went straight to the little diner around the corner.


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