The Chronicles of Starlyn

For generations it has been known that elves are immortal except for death by battle or poison. Something strange happens and Starlyn's mother becomes sick with an illness that seems to only be getting worse with each passing day. Starlyn loves her mother and wishes to find any way to help her, yet it seems nothing can be done except to sit and watch. It breaks her spirit but she spends every moment she can with her mother, as she fights frantically for an unknown cure. She went to the elven healers and herbalists but even they cannot find a way. Meanwhile Starlyn's sister Arria takes more drastic measures to try and help their mother, even diving into the restricted books of the elven library about dark magic. The dark magic is dangerous and forbidden for elves to use because it is said that even the willpower of an elf cannot prevail with the touch of a dark taint. Arria is not concerned of her own welfare and dives into heavy studies with the books. Strange things begin to happen, a


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

By Craig A. Price Jr.

Arria sat rocking back and forth on a large pointed stone. All around her the dragon creatures worked. There were thousands of axes as weapons now. More than she thought she saw of the creatures. Yet they continued to work. She did not mind because the chances were that they would need them.

Something neared her though, and at first she wasn’t sure what it was. She ached all over with a blood thirst. After snapping a few of the creatures’ necks, and chopping a few more heads off – she felt the need to continue to kill. She hadn’t ever killed anybody or anything before, but now it was a craving of hers.

She couldn’t comprehend the feeling. It was as if her blood boiled with lust for killing, which was strange when her heart didn’t even beat anymore. She wasn’t sure why it felt so. Perhaps it was the changes the black magic bestowed upon her. It didn’t feel like magic, but a passion that was only skin deep until now. However she could feel magic flowing through her. It was magic that circulated through her instead of blood. Somehow she knew that if she fed the magic by killing – it would make her stronger.

Finally, she decided to ignore her consciousness of her past life. There was no reason to think about she would have done as an elf. That life was gone, replaced with one anew. She was undead now, and anything she desired she could take. No longer were there any rules, or someone ruling her. Now she was her own master, and could make her own rules.

Her decision was made to include a daily sacrifice to her routine. There were a few pages in her black book about sacrifices adding to the power of magic presented by the user. Arria liked the idea of having more power. She would only choose animals from the forest to sacrifice so not to upset too many of the creatures. However, once a moon she might be able to get away with sacrificing only one. There were plenty of ways to trick one of the thick skulled creatures to go somewhere with her alone.

She smiled as she looked up into the sky at twilight. A full moon lit up the horizon. It was a perfect time to begin the sacrifices with a dragon. She walked up to one of the creatures that had trouble creating handles without breaking them.

“Come with me. I am in need of assistance.”

“Yes missstresss.”

Her lips quivered in a smirk as she stalked out of camp with the creature trailing behind. The black cape at her back quivered in the breeze behind her. She wandered out into the lonely forest, barely being observed by the various creatures surrounding her. They didn’t seem to care or question her ability, or what she was planning on doing. She liked it this way, absolute secretary because all of them were scared of her. She made sure to put fear into each and every one of them every day.

When they reached the forest, she looked around until she came across a large stump between the midst of trees. Walking over quietly, she stopped at the stump and ushered the creature to step forward. It reacted without question; none of them would ever question her. She stared at it for a moment, observing its hard black scales. It fascinated her, how similar these were to the creatures in the history books - yet at the same time, so different. They did not have wings, nor could they breathe fire. In no way did they seem as smart as dragons in the tales she once read.

Yet the amount of these creatures was far beyond anything she could ever fathom. She only knew of a little, not the entire mass. So she was not entirely sure exactly how many there were.

“Massster, what isss youuu wisssh of meee?” The creature asked.

Arria only smiled with a devilish grin, “You are to be my sacrifice.”

The creature’s eyes seemed to twitch, raising an eyebrow if it had one. She only laughed at its reaction. Stepping forward, she grasped the creature on the neck with her right hand. With incredible strength, she lifted it up and slammed it down onto the stump. Its tail thrashed as she held the creature down. As she let go of its neck, she back handed the creature with her left hand. She unsheathed a dagger from her side, one that she had created a couple days after forming her flamberge. It was the same style, with a wavy blade. The blade would be great for stabbing somebody, and pulling it back out, letting all of the curves ripple against flesh. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to stab or slice the creature’s neck.

The books weren’t too explicit on how the sacrifice was to be made. Only the enchantment of the words seemed to matter. There were details of where the blood should be stained, but nothing in particular about how to kill. She pondered at this for a moment. All the different ways she could kill. Long ago she would have never had such thoughts or if there would have been any, it would have been something simple. Now there were so many different styles of killing that traveled through her mind.

She could slice its belly, and watch all of its intestines fall to the ground. Or she could slice its belly grab its intestines, circle them around the creature’s neck, and choke it with its own insides. She admired that one, the creativity of it was simply dazzling. Slicing its neck was just too easy; besides, it was too similar to decapitating someone. Decapitation was something she had already done with a previous three. However, she had also choked a handful of them out the first time she met the creatures. Suffocating somehow seemed the same as snapping a creature’s neck. It was both the flow of oxygen, but snapping a neck did break the bones. She considered suffocating for a moment. Or she could carve out the creature’s heart if it had one. She could take that heart and shove it down the creature’s throat. That would be a pleasing death, but then again she needed the heart for the ritual. She needed to remove the heart from the creature, put it on the stump, and stab into the center of it as she enchanted those words. No, damaging the heart would not do.

She could slice the creature’s  head open and pull out its brain, if it had one. She was not sure. If the creature had a brain, it had to be the size of a small walnut or something. She would not believe that the creatures had anywhere near to the same size a brain as she. She wondered what it was that took up so much space in their heads and their snouts. It would be interesting to carve one, to carve a couple of them, open them up and study their insides.

After careful consideration, she finally decided what she was going to do. She held the creature down with her left hand, using her strength and enchanting magic. She then inserted her dagger into its stomach and sliced upwards towards its chest, ripping open the stomach. Reaching her hand through the tear, she grabbed its intestines and ripped them out. She smiled as she wrapped them around its throat. Once she tied a tight knot, she came back with the knife and carved the skull. Underneath was thick bone, inches thick, much thicker than that of an elf. She understood now, why they weren’t so smart, because they were too strong. Their skin was thick, as well as their skulls and bones were thick. It left little else inside.

When she got to the brain, she realized it could fit in her hand. She reached out and grabbed it, Feeling its hard texture in her palm. A part of her felt like smashing it; just crushing it up in her hand, but that wasn’t what she wanted to do. Instead she pulled open the jaw of the creature, and shoved the brain deep down its throat. It was no longer moving, in fact, she believed that it hadn’t been for a while. Between all the excitement, she wasn’t sure when its last breath was. Disregarding her fondness of tearing apart the flesh, she went back to work at carving out the heart.

Once she had the heart in her hands, she tossed the body aside to let it rot. She didn’t care if any of the other creatures found it. There were none to witness now. And if they spotted it, they would only assume something else had gotten to it. Nobody would suspect a thin fragile person like herself, an elf, or at least she was once. Nobody would ever suspect she could do such a thing. Even she didn’t realize she had it in her.

Laying the heart on the stump, and raised her dagger high up in the air.

“Averee liveranna tasch errr scoone, eslthur channl presnnal.”

The heart, which was a green, along with the blood the covered it at first, became lavender. She closed her eyes, and stabbed the dagger into the center of the heart. The blade was only slightly smaller than the heart itself. Explaining why the creatures didn’t hold much love for each other. She assumed with the change she had of her own body, that her heart was smaller too. No longer did she care about the feelings of the creatures or anything else. She knew it was still there because she still cared for her sister and mother; she hoped that they were safe. More than anything she still wanted to save her mother.

She felt power, raw power. It seeped deep into her veins from the purples swirling from the heart. It felt enlightening, empowering. With the power she now felt, she thought she could do anything. The rush of raw energy was intense. It made it feel like she could even jump into the sky and fly. It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. She knew from that moment forward, that every day she would make a sacrifice like this. Every day she would grow in power. In all likelihood she would only be able to get away with stealing a creature away once a moon. She didn’t want it to be too common because they would question and worry. They would figure out something was wrong. Even they weren’t that stupid.

So after today, until the next full moon arrived she decided she would just sacrifice small animals, little creatures, things that did no matter. She also knew that she had to keep these creatures away from their wandering eyes. They would not be allowed to know what she was doing to these creatures. Otherwise they might suspect her of killing them. With how much power she felt from this savage beast of a creature; she wondered how much power would come into her from killing an elf. It intrigued her so that she craved to see the death of an elf. Not her sister, no, no, she wanted her sister alive. With another, any other, she desired the blood on her hands and power through her veins. She craved it with undying blood thirst to kill an elf.

She didn’t feel so different with the changes the magic did to her when she was changed, only more expressive. It seemed she always had these thoughts; they were always in the back of her mind. Yet, with the change, the thoughts were released. It was no longer forbidden to think of such things, and now she could think of anything her heart desired. She could have anything; she was her own master now. There was nobody controlling her. Nobody was telling her what she could and couldn’t do. It was only her now.

She was allowed to express her thoughts, to think them freely, without penalty. It was a marvelous feeling. After cleaning herself from blood, she found a nearby stream and bathed herself. She left all her armor at the riverside bank. When she stripped down to nothing, she bathed her naked body in the stream. She washed the blood, and watchedas the clear water took color of violets and greens from the blood and the magic. She smiled… she smiled with the most sincere smile her face had ever seen.

She felt at peace now. As if, for her entire life, she had been searching for something to make her happy, and she didn’t know what. She had no idea what it was, until now. This was her destiny. First, she was going to train these creatures. She was going to train them hard, and then she was going to attack Sudegam. Then take her mother back, and destroy any of the elves that got in her way. She would enjoy it, the torment, the pain, and the prosecution. Everything they did to her, no, she could be released of it all. All she had to do was the simple act slicing of their throats. It all made perfect sense now. What she had to do wasn’t hard. There were enough of these creatures to create a distraction to slip in and out without being noticed. It was so clear now, what she needed to do.

When she finished bathing her naked body, she walked out dripping water all about her. There was nothing for her to dry with, and so she just stood there for a moment. She allowed the cool breeze to brush against her soft luscious white hair, and light coal skin. When she was dry, she put her armor back on and walked back to camp.

Without her there it had turned into chaos. It was already chaos when she left it, but it was orderly chaos. Now, there wasn’t any form of order, not in the slightest. She picked up an axe and whistled into the air. They all looked at her in wonder, in shock, as if being disturbed of something important. Yet they were doing nothing but bickering amongst themselves, against each other, fighting.

She called out, “I will train you how to fight. Pick up your axes.”

This intrigued them because they didn’t know what these things were. They hadn’t used them before. There were only their claws.

“Come. Fight me.” She said.

The creatures weren’t sure what to do. They stared at her for a moment.


They rushed forward, three of them, yet without weapons.

“Stop!” She yelled. “Pick up your axes, and come fight me.”

Their looks were strange. They each took weapons, two of them copper, and the other one steel. She smiled as she held her titanium axe, knowing that the hardness of her metal would devour theirs.

“Fight me with your weapons.” She said.

The three lurched forward now, swinging the foreign objects about. Not knowing how or what they were doing, or any kind of pattern or fighting style. She easily skidded out of the way of all three blows, and used the back side of her axe to knock one of them in the head and onto the ground. The other two were furious by this and lurched at her in a rampage. Blinded by rage, their attacks were just as sloppy as they had been. She lifted up the top of her axe to block both strikes, and then she turned around to her right side and slammed the sharp edge of the axe into one of the creature’s skulls. It fell to the ground without another breath, lifeless.

The one from the ground jumped up and tackled her, but as she fell back she tilted her wrist and shoved the axe deep into its spine. As they rolled, it wailing in pain, she got to her feet and slammed the axe onto the creature’s neck, decapitating it. The third one was smarter and grew a pattern. It wasn’t so impatient, and instead took attacks easy. They exchanged blows for a time, a few of its strikes bounced off her axe, and a few of her strikes bounced off its axe. It seemed fair, until she started trying, and then she quickly knocked the axe form the creature’s hand. She shoved the sharp end of her axe between its eyes.

“Anymore?” She asked. “Is there anyone else?”

A dozen more jumped up, excited for the fight, and enraged that she just killed three of their companions. She shook her head. “You must learn how to use these weapons. You must learn the skill it takes, the patterns, the fighting style. Or you will never better me. All of you will die to my hand. What do you think you could possibly do to the elves, to the humans, to all the other races of this land if you can’t even defend yourself against me? I am only one. Do you wish to take this land or not?”

Cheers erupted throughout the crowd. All the creatures came around and watched. They watched as one by one, their breather fell to her blade. She laughed, she laughed because she knew that she wasn’t skilled with an axe. She knew if she would have had her flamberge in her hands, feeling the dead weight of the beautiful sword, that all these creatures would already be dead. Yet, with a simple one handed axe, they were falling, like swatted flies away from her. After a while, they began to pick up, they learned how to defend, how to strike. Finally she got dents in her armor.

A grin came across her calm beautiful face. At last… at last… they were learning.


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