The Chronicles of Starlyn

For generations it has been known that elves are immortal except for death by battle or poison. Something strange happens and Starlyn's mother becomes sick with an illness that seems to only be getting worse with each passing day. Starlyn loves her mother and wishes to find any way to help her, yet it seems nothing can be done except to sit and watch. It breaks her spirit but she spends every moment she can with her mother, as she fights frantically for an unknown cure. She went to the elven healers and herbalists but even they cannot find a way. Meanwhile Starlyn's sister Arria takes more drastic measures to try and help their mother, even diving into the restricted books of the elven library about dark magic. The dark magic is dangerous and forbidden for elves to use because it is said that even the willpower of an elf cannot prevail with the touch of a dark taint. Arria is not concerned of her own welfare and dives into heavy studies with the books. Strange things begin to happen, a


14. Chapter 13

Chapter 13:

Starlyn followed Shronan closely at his side. Neither spoke but she couldn’t help but to be close to him. He fascinated her. Magic was something elves stayed away from. She never understood why. Perhaps it was because it was something they could not control. It intrigued her, she wondered at what various things it could do.

“Can you heal anything?” She asked.

“I am sure there are limitations to my ability, but I am not sure what.”

“My mother is sick, can you help her?”

“There may be something I could do. I would have to see her.”

“I have been searching for a cure, but I don’t know what can help her. My sister resorted to trying black magic. I know there always has to be a balance to everything, is yours the magic that balances the black?”

Shronan chuckled, “I do not know if I’m that strong. Black magic is a powerful substance. Though there are always alternative ways to solve a problem than resorting to black magic.”

“I’ve tried everything I can, I’ve even had our herbalist take a look at her, but there seems to be no cure.”

“Hold on a second. Your mother… an elf… tell me, how is it that she’s sick?”

“I do not know… but that’s how this all started. Arria left to seek a cure, and found black magic. I killed her, but somehow she’s back, and her skin is no longer pale, but now it’s a soft shade of black. We checked for poison, and put a strict diet on her, but nothing changed. Elves are only supposed to die from poison or battle. It is not supposed to be like this.” Starlyn’s eyes began to well up in tears.

Shronan stopped walking and turned towards her, embracing her in a hug. “It’s alright child. I will see if I can get to the bottom of this. Logically, it doesn’t make sense.”

Starlyn gulped and nodded as she wiped the tears from her face. “I’m sorry, I’m an elf, I should be strong.”

“Nobody is that strong, it is okay to shed your tears. If other elves find this a path of weakness then shed your tears here with me. I understand your emotions even if they do not.”

Starlyn nodded and they continued north to find her companions. She assumed they would have left back towards Sudegam with her disappearance to get help, but from what Shronan told her they pushed forward to search for her. It was foolish, but it did sound like Vil’ek to be sure. Vil’ek would not rest until he found Arria, despite the cost. She knew they would have to go back to Sudegam soon, at least her with Shronan so they could see her sister.

After a few days of relentless traveling they finally came across the small force of elves. Vil’ek was on watch while the others practiced sparring. Starlyn stood and watched them for a moment with Shronan before stepping through into the clearing.

Vil’ek reacted instantly drawing his two curved swords and once he noticed it was her he lowered them. He didn’t put them away as he watched Shronan at her side.

“It’s okay Vil’ek, Shronan saved me from captivity.”

He nodded and put his swords away but didn’t take his eyes off of Shronan. When the two of them met Shronan held out his hand but Vil’ek only stared at it.

“My name is Shronan Onderon. I am a mage.”

Vil’ek backed away a few steps and his hand felt one of his hilts as he stared at Shronan cautiously. “We don’t need your magic here.”

“Then where would be better suited for you to need it?”

“Leave, you don’t need to be here.”

“He saved me, and healed me. He is staying with me, his magic is not bad.”

“All magic is bad.” Vil’ek said.

“Correction, All magic is complicated. It may seem bad or ill if you do not understand it, and few people do. I promise you this, I will not use magic against elves. It is against our oaths as mages to use our power for anything but good. Let me tell you something that you may not know. Those creatures you fought are not dragons, but much weaker creatures called draeyks, and there are hundreds of thousands of them. A war is coming, and you will need me if you hope to survive.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Take me to your king, he knows the truth.”

“Perhaps we will, but we are scouting these… draeyks as you call them? We will find where they reside soon.”

“That my friend is a dangerous task.”

“Only to the inexperienced.”

“I will come with you until we find their camp, but then we must return. If you wish to succeed against these creatures you will need numbers. We must speak with your king for an army so we may come back and wipe them all out before they have time to materialize.”

“How can they be a threat with no weapons and organization?”

“They have weapons now… and a leader.” Starlyn whispered.

Vil’ek turned to her in surprise. “Who would lead them? Surely one of them isn’t smart enough.”

“It isn’t a draeyk… but someone much smarter.”


Starlyn didn’t want to tell him, she was afraid to lose his faith in what they were doing. She was hoping for his help because in her heart she still felt that her sister could be saved, and she was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish it.

“A very smart woman from what I saw, the same color as them and white hair.”

An elf appeared out of the bushes on the north side of camp. Sweat seemed to crease his brown which was abnormal for an elf. His face looked paler than usual and his eyes were cautious. He walked up to Vil’ek and stood silently while looking at both Starlyn and Shronan.

“Speak, what have you found?”

“You won’t like it, they are still too far ahead of us… but we did find-”

“What, what did you find?”

“Elves, a bunch of them. They look different than us, not as pale, shorter ears…”

Vil’ek’s eyes lit up at the mention of that and turned around. “The wood elves? We’ve finally found them? Elsargast will be so pleased. We must-”


“What?” Vil’ek seemed irritated that he was broken from thought.

“They’re all dead.”

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