Beautiful Trouble

An orphan named Malce cant speak her whole life . Knowing that a guy , Hans , can understand her , she start fall for him . Fortunenately , Hans liked her already . One night , Hans quietly barge in Malces' dorm . He wants Malce to follow him . Malce denied until Hans said that her life are in grave danger . On their escape in the woods , Malce fell and a bald old man caught her . That when she know that Hans is a gangster leader of Modern Pirates , the strongest gang in that area and she is the only reason that can make Modern Pirates fall for their knee .


2. What is it ?

 I woke up , thinking that it is just a dream . Unfortunenately , nah . Its just a day after the 'sudden kiss' and everybody already start spreading rumors around the school . I feel like dont wanna go out from my dorm ! 

 " Hey ! You should get  up , dress up and level up your strength ! Theres many obstacle waiting for you and you just gonna sit here ? Come on ," out of blue , my one and only friend , Lina came to cheer me up . * Havent you know about it ? Arghh! * " Ehek ehek . So what does it feel to be kissed by the prince ? "

 *Huh? Arent you liking the pervert prince too ? I thought your mad with me . Youre not mad arent you ? * 

 " Its okay" . 

 I feel relieved that at least someone doesnt mad at me . It gives me strength to face the music . Who knows maybe today would be better than yesterday . So this is it ! 

 I looked down all the way to the class , better than seeing the face of my haters . Just a little closer ... Finally ! I sat on the chair and took a deep relieve breath . Inhale , exhal-- BAM !  "Stand up you dirty slut ! " .  I stand up shivering . Oops ! I forgotten about the 'Queen and the Three Mistresses' . Guess  I SHOULD THINK TWICE before showing up again in public .

 Sudden warmth was felt on my left palm . " Hey baby girl! Wanna come with me ?". Without knowing my answer , well of course I cant speak , he dragged me to the hallways . " Decide , walk or run ?" I just looked down , still feel anger and embarassed inside . The scene just now cause my life ruined . "Youre ok?," while lifting my head up . I pushed his hand away . * Please dont make more trouble for me! * I tried to leave but he caught my hand . " Didnt you noticed ? Im falling for you . Im taking the courage to tell you so please listen ." It was silent as if the time was stopped a moment. I turned back and let go of his hand . " Malce , everytime I see you , I cant keep my heart from fluttering . When the soccer ball hit you back then , I know I have to get this chance . But.." He take my left hand and hold it between his both hands. "I forgot to mention I Love You"

  Hans and me , we've been dating for a week . Our last date was by  the seashore . "Would you like an icecream?" Hans pointed me the ice cream seller  , shoving the last scoop of yam ice cream before giving it to a red cap boy . I know he wants to eat some , well he been asking me the same question for the last five minutes . I pinched him on the shoulder , "Ouch!"

  *I feel uneasy . Two strange black coated men at the back  were following us these all time* 

 After telling him that , I can see that Hans too feel uneasy .Everytime I feel uneasy about something , he would tell me to cheer up but for this time , it was different . As if he knew they were real trouble . The next day, he said to me he was sorry that he have to cancel our date on weekend and other day , his excuses that he need to concetrate for exam . Weird . What exam ? There were no exam . He up to something . I want to know .

 One night , I heard knocking from the only window in my dorm . I opened and saw Hans ? *Why are you here?!* 

"You have to follow me ! "

*Why?* "Please just follow me . Your life in danger ! Come , run !"

  I followed him behind . He run too fast to the wood . I tried keep hanging up with him but my feet hit a stone and I fell. Not long enough , four black figure came to me . I cant see their face well because there were no light not even a moonlight . One of them put an eyepad on me . Then I was lifted to his big broad shoulder . I hit , I punch him but he as if felt nothing .


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