My brother left for a chance at Stardom when i was 11. He promised me he would still text,call, and not forget about me. I promised him I wouldnt change. Turns out, we both broke a promise.


9. Chapter 9. Dangers and Promises

Chapter 9. Dangers and Promises

Sydneys POV

I got out of the shower and peeked out the door. I heard Harry laughing watching T.V. I ran to my room with my towel wrapped around my body. I shut and locked the door. Since it was still only 7 I put on some yoga pants, a t-shirt that had Aeropostale written on it, a hooded sweatshirt, and socks and slip-ons.

I walked into the bathroom and got out the blow dryer. I hate having to walk around with my hair wet. 

After I dried my hair I brushed it to get the tangles out. My hair was getting to be pretty long. It flowed all the way down to above my butt. It was wavy and almost golden blonde like Rapunzels. Except it didnt glow when I sang.

I walked down stairs and saw Harry was watching Zoey 101. I started laughing when I walked over to sit with him. He noticed I came down and quickly changed the channel. "Real smooth Styles." He started blushing. "I uh was just. I mean it was already on." I rolled my eyes. 

"Niall texted me that He, Liam, and Zayn would be here soon. They just wanted to stay with the children a bit longer." I nodded. We sat and watched T.V. for a while. I looked at the time. 7:43. I usually go on walks around six. But I really want to go and walk for a while.

" Hey Ill be back in awhile." I said standing up. "Where are you going Love?" He pouted. "Just for a walk." "Ill go with you." "Actually Harry ,its just something I do by myself. Its nothing personal. I just like time alone to think." Harry looked worried. "Okay. Give me your phone I need to do something." I handed him my phone. He went on the appstore and did somethings. He handed it back to me. "What did you do?" "I downloaded Find My iPhone. Its just incase I need to find you." I put on a creeped out face. "Okay then." I said heading to the door. "See you later stalker!" "Haha very funny."

I walked outside and shut the door. It was getting dark so I wasnt going to stay out long. I started walking along the road since there wasnt a side walk. I usually walked around the alley and back. The alley was up by the bakery.

I was walking when it happened. I was just about to turn on the alley when the guy approached me. "What are you doing walking around by yourself hun?" He said. Trying to sound seductive. I was under a street lamp. But I still couldnt see who was walking up to me. I knew he was probably 15 or 16 years old. 

"Who are you? And why the hell do you care?" He then walked into the light. David Luma. He was a freshman who was a year older than me. He always tried to hit on younger girls because he thought he was the best thing to walk the Earth. He kept walking towards me. Making me back away from him. Until a hit the brick wall. he now stood over me, looking down with evil eyes.

It was now pitch black. No one else was outside except us. "What the Hell do you want." He smirked. " I want you babe." he said trying to touch my breast. I smacked it away. "Get away from me you asshole!" I screamed kicking him in the shin. He screamed with pain and fell back a few feet grasping his shin. 

I started to run away from him. Turning from the way I came. Running towards my house. He started running after me. I pulled out my phone while I was running. I texted Harry and Niall in a group message. "Help! Im on (Street Name)." I was still running. I fell and David caught up to me. He picked me up by my Sweatshirt. " What the Hell you bitch!" He screamed slapping me in the face making me fall to the ground again. He walked up and kicked me in my side. I yelped in pain, curling in a ball.

"Get away from her!" Niall screamed. He ran and did a "Horan Kick" in Davids face. Thank god. The boys had come to my rescue. Liam and Zayn came to me trying to help me up. I got up to see Louis, Niall, and Harry beating the shit out of David. I ran over to them holding my side. David saw me and ran away from them to me. "You sick Bitch!" He screamed and punched me in the face. I fell to the ground.

Harrys POV

He punched her in the face and she fell to the ground. My face got deep red. I was more than angry. I was Pissed Off. I ran over and punched him in the face knocking him to the ground. "You sick BASTARD!" I stood over him repeatedly punching him in the face. 

Niall and Louis pulled me off. I still kept fighting to hit more. I wanted to kill him! "You DOUCHEBAG!" They pulled me away from them. I walked over to Syd. I knelt beside her next to Liam and Zayn. She was unconscious. "SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE!" Liam pulled out his phone and started dialing. Niall walked over  and looked down at his sister. "She didnt deserve this." He had tears in his eyes. 

So did I at this point. I lifted her head and put it on my lap. Pulling the hair out of her face. Niall pulled out a hanker-chief, dabbed it on his tongue and wiped off the blood on her forehead. 

Sydneys POV

I woke up in a hospital bed. All the boys sitting in chairs all around me, sleeping. And Dad was in here too. He looked up at me and saw I had woken up. He rushed over to my bed. "Oh thank goodness you're alright!" He said hugging me on my left side. I lifted my right arm to hug him.

He sat up and pulled up a chair. "What-what happened?" I said rubbing my head. I began to have a huge migraine. Harry woke himself up and pulled his chair up to my hospital bed. He bent over and hugged me. "After you went on your walk some guy came and tried to-. Well, anyway you were able to get away long enough for all of us to come and help. But he got one last punch at you. He knocked you unconscious." Harry said explaining. "But dont worry. Harry beat him to a pulp." Liam cut in, awake and smirking. He walked over and hugged me and kissed my forehead.

I looked over at Harry. He was looking down. I lifted my hand and put it on his. "Thank you. All of you guys. If you hadnt come. I would probably be dead right now." Harry looked up at me. He looked into my eyes. He looked sad.

Dads phone started ringing. He pulled out his phone. "Hello?... Do I have to come in now?! My daughter is in the hospital... Fine... Bye" he hung up and put his phone in his pocket. "Asshole." He said to his phone. " Well, the boss said I have to come in now. Im sorry sweetie." I said it was fine. "Niall will give you a ride home. They just need to check you over and then they'll release you." I nodded. We said goodbye and he left.

"How you feeling?" Liam asked. "My head hurts." I said pouting. "Its going to for a while." Harry said. He still looked sad. "Whats wrong Harry?"

"I shouldnt have let you leave the house. This is all my fault!" Harry said putting his face in his hands. I put my hand on Harrys hands and pulled them away so I could see his face. He was crying. "Harry. Shhh. Its not your fault. David is just a jerk. You didnt do anything wrong. With out you I would be on a milk carton as a missing person."

He wiped away the tears and got himself together. Niall woke up and walked over. "Why didnt you tell me this guy was out to get you?" He asked. He was angry. "Well hello to you too." "Im not kidding why the hell didnt you tell me?!" "I never knew until last night!" "Oh we both know thats b.s! What happened to the old you?!? The one who used to tell me everything! The one who promised me she wouldnt change!" I was getting angry too. "I told you I never knew! And your yelling at me?! What happened to the Niall who promised he would still keep in touch while he went on tour!" I've always had a small lisp with my S's. But it goes away when I yell or scream.

His face was getting red. The boys were super quiet. Me and Niall had never fought like this. Ever. "What are you talking about? I still talked to you!" he honestly didnt know. "Only through fricken Twitter! Do you even know why I'm so ticked off right now?!" "NO! You have no reason to be mad at me!" I cant believe him. "You Fricken forgot my birthday you jerk!!! You promised me you wouldnt but you did! I forgave you and your yelling at me for growing up! Funny thing is Niall, PEOPLE EVENTUALLY HAVE TO GROW UP! TRY IT SOMETIME!" I had tears running down my face. 

He didnt say anything. His face went from red anger to pink embarrassment and then back to angry again. I didnt feel sorry for him. I never forgot his birthday. I texted him, I tweeted him. I tried everything I could to talk to him. The rest of the boys were wide-eyed. "You. You forgot her birthday mate?" Liam asked afraid. "Piss off!" Niall screamed grabbing his coat, leaving and slamming the door.

I immediately started balling. Liam was on my left side and Harry was on my right, both holding me while I cried like a baby. I hated crying in front of people. It made me feel weak. He will probably never talk to me again. But hey, he never did talk to me anyway. 

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