My brother left for a chance at Stardom when i was 11. He promised me he would still text,call, and not forget about me. I promised him I wouldnt change. Turns out, we both broke a promise.


8. Chapter 8. Escapé

Chapter 8. Escapé

Harrys POV

We sat for a while. Hank gave us free cupcakes. I tried to pay him for them. He refused to accept the money. He really was a nice old man.

The fans eventually left. Most of the realized that we wanted some time to ourselves. Those were our favorite kind of Directioners. The ones who respected our personal lives. The rest of them that wouldnt leave were 10 year olds so Hank threatened to call their moms. It was pretty funny. No effense to our younger Directioners, but it was funny. 

When we were done we all said thanks to Hank and left. Niall actually got a secret job and Zayn and Liam wanted in on it. It was for the childrens hospital. They called a cab. We all said bye to them as they got in. 

It was now Syd, Louis and me. 

Sydneys POV

It was now Harry, Louis and me. It was a bit awkward but oh well. " Well, I'm going to leave you two love-birds alone." Louis said about to walk away. " Where are you going?" I was really confused. "El is coming in from the airport. I'm just going to meet her up there. Have fun!" 

Me and Harry looked at eachother and shrugged. "Now what?" I asked him. "What can we do. We cant be exclusive in public." Harry looked down at his phone. "Well, its only 2:30. Wanna-. Oh! I know the perfect place!" Harry was very enthusiastic.   He wanted to get home as quick as possible. 

I refused to run. Harry demanded me to get on his back. I obeyed and jumped on his back. he tried to run, which was just a jog. He ran into the house with me still on his back. I hopped off awaiting for him to tell me what to do. "Grab your swimsuit and a towel." I smiled. "Yay! Are we going to the same beach as last time?" "No. I want to go somewhere a little more, isolated." "Okay, please tell me there is a diving board and raft!" He nodded. I squealed. No one else was home besides us so it was fine:).

I ran upstairs and grabbed my blue bikini and ran into the bathroom. I quickly changed and put my shorts and shirt on over my bikini. I ran back into my room with my bra and underwear in a bundle. I grabbed my small duffel bag and put my bra and underwear in it with a beach towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Its been hot lately so I've been able to go swimming and wear shorts and tank tops. 

I walked down stairs and Harry had already changed. I held out my duffel and he put his shorts and other stuff he was bringing in my bag. We raced to the suburban. I got in and through the duffel in the back seat while Harry got in and turned on the car. We shut our doors and got buckled.

As he pulled out of the drive-way I looked through the stations. Then I heard it. Kiss you was playing and I turned it up. Harry rolled his eyes. "Really?" I laughed and said "Would you rather me look for I Knew You Were Trouble?" His eyes got wide and turned up the stereo. "You know I just love this song!" I bursted out laughing and sang along to the song. Then Harry started singing too. We had the windows rolled down blaring music. 

Then Cruise came on. We both freaked out and sang along. " You make me wanna roll my windows down and Cruise!" We screamed. I was already having fun. We got to the beach around 3:30. It was really isolated. There was no way that any media people would find us. I took off my tank top and shorts and flicked off my flip-flops.

Harry was lucky. All he had to do was take off his shorts and sandals and that was it. 

I was watching the water. Even from the top of the sand/shore it was clear waters. While I gawking over the water Harry snuck up behind me and lifted me up and put me over his shoulder. I started giggling when I was trying to talk. " Harry! Put me down!Ahahahaha" Harry was walking towards the shore, now he was knee-deep. "Alright." Harry flipped me so he was holding me bridal style. "Okay! Dont put me down!" "Too late!" And with that he threw me into the water.

I stayed under for a bit. I can hold my breath for awhile. I could see Harry coming closer to the water looking for me. When he got really close I pulled him in. Our heads popped out of the water, gasping for air. " Very funny!" Harry said. I started laughing at him.

After that we just swam for awhile. Harry kept being romantic, like coming up behind me in the water and kissing my cheek, or just pulling me into the water and kissing me. He was so sweet.

We took a little break from swimming and walked up to our stuff to check the time. It was around 5. I had some texts from Ryann. She was one of my closest friends. I had told her and my other best friend about what happened between Harry and I. Emma had had a crush on Harry too, but she said she was really happy for us. Ryann had a crush on Niall and I knew he liked her too, but she didnt believe me when I told her. She said it was too good to be true. 

~Group Text~

(Just to let you know, Ryann always goes by Kevin the Pigeon when we txt. Its an inside joke:3 haha)

KevinThePigeon- heyyy! How is u and ur bf's date going;)

Emma- Come on Spill the detes!

Me- Its going great!:) Ive never been so happy!!!!!!!XD


I put my phone down. They were soooo fun to be around. Harry put his hands on my waist and put his head on my shoulder. "Lets go to the raft before we leave." I nodded. He let go of my waist and grabbed my hand instead. We walked to the shore. The raft like the other beach was about 25 feet away. We swam and sat on the raft.

We watched the sunset. The beautiful colors, red,orange,yellow, pink. It was amazayn;). Harry scooted me closer to him and put his arm around my waist. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he put his head on mine.

"I wish this day would never end." I said closing my eyes. "Me too. I just wish we could be together. Without worrying about what people think." I sighed. "Ya, people were already freaking out seeing us just walking together." "Well, I guess this is like a fairytale. A princess wants to be with the handsome peasant, but the King and Queen and the kingdom wont allow it. So they must keep their love a secret. They Dont Know About Us."I looked up and smiled at him. "I dont remember calling you handsome." I said jokingly. He chuckled and kissed my forehead. 

~Skipping the trip home~

We got home around 7. Still no one was home yet. "Well, I dont know about you, but-" "I swear if you say Im feeling twenty-two Im going to leave." Harry cut me off joking. I hit him in the arm. "No! Im going to take a shower. Try not to come in this time!" I said running up the stairs. "Hey! I apologized for that!" I laughed and went into the bathroom and made sure I locked the door. 


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