My brother left for a chance at Stardom when i was 11. He promised me he would still text,call, and not forget about me. I promised him I wouldnt change. Turns out, we both broke a promise.


4. Chapter 4. Surprise Part 2.

Chapter 4. Surprise Part 2.

Sydney's POV


I walked downstairs in my skinny-jeans with my knee-brace over my right knee, converse, and the Free- Hugs T-shirt I made that resembles Nialls. I had my hair in a pony-tail. " Wow when did that happen?!" Niall said. " She was at Softball practice practicing base-running. She tripped over second base and dislocated her knee-cap." Harry said plainly as he scrolled through twitter not evening looking up, afraid of Nialls reaction.

I was surprised myself. "You remembered? How? I mean it happened two years ago." "How could I forget?" Harry said. " Okay I have a question. Why the hell did no one tell me!?" Niall screamed. "I did. You didnt answer me. I have all the messages that YOU didnt respond to saved in my phone. All of them." Niall got quiet and stared at his feet.

" And Mate." Zayn said. " Harry did tell you." It felt like a kick to throat. My own brother didnt remember an event that hugely impacted my life. The boys started bickering back and forth. " STOP!" I screamed making them go quiet. I took a deep breath, scolding them. "Now that you ladies are quiet. Do you want to go to your surprise?!" I said smirking. Nialls face lit up with excitement like it always did. He started getting ecstatic. "I call driving!" Niall said trying to run through the kitchen to the door, but I stood in front of him with my arms out wide. "OH NO! The last time I let you drive, dad had to buy a new car!"

(No that never really happened, its just to be funny.)

We were driving a suburban. Louis ended up driving with Liam sitting next to him, Niall and Zayn in the middle seats, and me and Harry in the back fooling around. I told Lou where we were going so he smiled the entire way there. It wasnt even far maybe a mile away. I know that sounds sad, but WE ARE LAZY!

We are going to this really nice beach. Its beautiful there, always. Sparkling water, soft white powder sand, two diving boards, a big raft about 25 feet away from the shore. Its just beautiful. Its a good thing the boys left their stuff in the suburban, or they would have to swim in their boxers, and boy-oh-boy would that be awk-a-awkward. I was wearing mine under my clothes. An aquamarine bikini. 

Louis drove up to the beach and all the boys except for Louis starred back at me smirking. I knew what they were thinking. They were all going to try to dunk me in the water. As soon as Louis parked I crawled over the seats, over Zayn and Niall, opened the door and sprinted towards the water. It was June so it was hot, with a good breeze. As I ran I took off my shirt exposing my bikini top, kicked off my shoes, and stopped to take off my pants. After I did I sprinted to the diving boards. I walked up to the high dive. It is a 10 feet high dive into 15 feet deep beach water.

I climbed up on the board and looked over the water. Sparkling blue. I took a deep breath and looked over my shoulder. The Harry had already changed into his trunks and was running my way. The rest of the boys were just walking into the bathrooms. Instead of going off a diving board,he went into the water and swam a few feet away from where I should land.

 I took another deep breath and looked ahead of me. I did a run dive. Perfectly angled. I hit the water with almost no splash. I swam up and felt two arms wrap around me. I swam to face Harrys direction. He was laughing. I giggled and looked into his emerald eyes. He looked into mine. I felt us leaning in closer and closer. Our lips only millimeters away from each others. 

It was a soft but passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck. It was so romantic. We werent in the deep end anymore so we were some-what standing. He had his hands around my waist. " Harry!" We pulled away from each other and saw Louis. Thank God! He walked up to us so we where all in the water. " You two are very lucky that I was the one who saw that and not YOUR brother." He said as he pointed his finger at me. I was bright red from embarrassment of getting caught. "Louis please dont tell him! Please!" Louis looked at me like I was crazy. "Now why the hell would I tell him. I want you two to be together. But, wait to tell Niall." I smiled and Hugged Louis. "Oh thank you, thank you , thank you!"  

"Ya ya ya, I know Im awesome. Now stop making kissie faces and act how you two used to act. Like friends." We both nodded. "Race you to the raft!" Louis screamed. "You"re on!" I replied. He started in to water while I went off the diving board. It gives me a boost in the water.

Me and Louis ended up tying. "Well, you"re way faster than I remember!" Louis said trying to catch his breath. " Remember Lou. Time equals change." The ret if the boys swam up to meet us at the raft. We all sat and talked for a while. It started getting dark so we decided to get going.

I had packed an extra bra and pair of underwear so I could change. After I changed I met the guys outside. I was still smiling from the event earlier. I walked out and saw only Harry sitting on a bench. As I walked I looked around searching for the suburban. "Hey where is everybody?" "Apparently you were taking too long to change so Niall said 'just let her walk' and no one volunteered to walk with you. So here I am!" "Wow I can tell Niall really missed me." He shrugged and grabbed my hand. I looked up at him smiling with a questioning face. "Hey, look I really do like you, plus its dark outside so no one will see us. And all the fans think we are in Tokyo." I laughed. "So it doesnt bother you that Im so much younger than you?" He stopped walking and looked at me. "Age doesnt matter to me. What matters to me, being with you. And you're not like other girls. Your not all 'Oh Im so smart, mehhhh!' or,'OMG ITS HARRY STYLES!HAVE MY BABIES'." He said, while mimicking a high girl voice. I laughed and leaned my head on his shoulder as we walked. I was tall for my age.


When we got on my street Harry stopped and walked me over to the huge Oak tree, About five feet wide and, well, uh-very tall. It was dark outside so you would need a ultra-bright flashlight to see us. He pushed me against the tree, not hard but gentle. He looked into my eyes. " Please promise me something. Promise no matter how bad the publicity gets, remember that I Love you, and only you." I smiled and put my arms around his neck, and kissed him softly on the lips. "I promise." I felt him smile while we kissed. I felt fireworks. Every time we kissed I felt it. It wasnt like any other kiss. My past boyfriends, I liked them, but I never felt the spark.

 Before we walked into the house Harry had to let go of my hand. When we walked inside we saw Louis, Zayn, and Liam sitting on the couch. Louie winked at us, and I rolled my eyes. "Wheres Princess?" "In here!" Niall said responding to his 'new' nickname. "Hes making a sandwich." Liam said. "Figures." Harry said. We all laughed as Niall walked in with his sandwich hanging out of his mouth trying to say "What?"



When it was time for bed we set out the sleeping arrangements. Liam and Louis in the living-room, Zayn and Harry in the spare bedroom, and of course Niall in his room and me in mine.

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