My brother left for a chance at Stardom when i was 11. He promised me he would still text,call, and not forget about me. I promised him I wouldnt change. Turns out, we both broke a promise.


3. Chapter 3. Surprise

Chapter 3. The Surprise

Sydney's POV

" Come on Horan! Hustle to that Ball!!." Dan my trainer screamed as he set the balls. I was practicing spiking the ball. It was around 4:55 so the boys would be here any minute. But to my luck Dan is going to run me out to the last second. I was wearing a Under Armor T-shirt so it was a bit tight on me, Black spandex, volleyball shoes and my silver head-band. "Mine!" I screamed everytime I jumped to attack the ball. 

Nialls POV

We just walked through the door. We left our bags in the suburban. My dad was sitting on the couch. he nodded his head towards the backdoor that lead to the backyard. "Shes out practicing." "Practicing what?" I mumbled to myself. Apparently Harry heard me because he said shes playing Volleyball. I dont know why but that made me a little angry that he knew what she was doing and I didnt. I shrugged it off and we all dropped our stuff in the living room. We all snuck outside. I took the first step into the backyard and my head was nearly taken off by a Volleyball. 

I looked ahead of me and I couldnt believe what I saw. I saw my what used to be my little sister. She had grown about a foot since I had left. And was apparently stronger too. The boys stepped out and saw her. All of their eyes got wide and said "Whoa" in unison except Harry, he started smirking. I dont know what the Hell he was smiling about.


Sydney's POV

I saw the boys out of the corner of my eye. I would have stopped and said hi but I couldnt. " Come on Horan! One more, One More!" Finally my last spike. "Mine!" The ball was set perfectly right above the net. I did my approach we a perfect jump. And with all my power I spiked to ball down. "Great Work today Horan!" Dan said as he high-fived me. I heard the boys cheering. As soon as I high-fived Dan I ran full force to the boys. I jumped into Nialls arms and held on tight. He spun me around saying " I've missed you so much!" He put me down. And I was freaking out. "Hey dont I get a hug?" Harry said opening his arms. I leaped over to him and jumped into his arms. "I missed you." He whispered into my ear. " I missed you more than you can imagine." I whispered back. 

Since Harry was the only one of them who always texted me, I think I missed him the most. I missed Niall a bit more but, Harry has always been the one I would go to when I cried. Niall would never answer. And he knew it was me. After awhile I just gave up.

 " Lets go inside I have alot of stuff plained." I said eagerly. Harry began to follow but the other boys stood there a moment. They had a confused look on there faces. " Helloooo?" I said waving my hands in their faces. The instantly came back to reality. " Oh ya sorry. You just had us in shock. The last time we saw you, you were just little Sydney-loo.?" Liam said, and that made Niall laugh. " Hey! I told you, your not allowed to call me that!" I said as I hit Liam in the arm. "Ouch! Alot stronger too!" I rolled my eyes and walked in the house. They followed me in. 

We sat at the kitchen table and just talked about everything that had happened while they were on tour. Most of which I said," Uh-huh," or " Oh ya Harry told me about that." Well its almost six. Im going to go take a quick shower, and then we can go to the- Oh ya whoops, I almost told you where we are going." Niall raised his brow. " Sydney Ann, what are you planning?" I smirked. " Well, it wouldnt be very fun to me if I told you." I started to get up but Niall got up and chased me to the bottom of the staircase where I squirmed away from him. He was laughing as he was walking back to the table. " Oh ya, Niall!" He turned his head and asked what. " I painted your room pink!" I screamed joking and sprinting to the bathroom before he could catch me.


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