My brother left for a chance at Stardom when i was 11. He promised me he would still text,call, and not forget about me. I promised him I wouldnt change. Turns out, we both broke a promise.


2. Chapter 2. Home

 Chapter 2. Home

Sydney's POV

It had been three years since my brother left me. I still remember the day he left. " I'm promise to call and keep in touch. Make sure to watch the show, maybe I make it." I looked down and watched the tears splash on the concrete. " Okay I will." "And promise me something. Promise me you wont change." "I promise. Goodbye Love you." I hugged him not ever wanting to let go. " Love you too. See you soon."

He had come with the boys to visit me and Dad when I was 12. Niall was too caught up with everything else going on with his new life. But he wasnt the only one. The day One Direction was formed and the day people found out I was Nialls sister I got a new name. "Nialls Little Sister!" On Twitter I got tons of new followers. During the ONE visit I could only hang out with Harry. It was awkward for him at first because he was older than me. I was used to hanging out with older people, especially boys. And no Im not some brat who wants attention all the time. The only reason I was used to it was because of Niall.

Dont get me wrong he didnt change all that much but he did change. When he stopped texting me, my only resorts was my friends, Ryann Kenney, Emma Franks, and Harry. Harry would always keep me up to date with what they were doing, and when to call Niall when he was drunk, or upset. I've always been the only one to keep him under control. Well me and Ryann, He had always liked her. And I only know that because I read his Diary.Yes I'm 14 years old and reading diaries and having one is dorky but, thats me. Dont judge! And I only did it because he read mine.

Today is the day he actually gets to come home. For more than just a few days, a whole month! I was so excited. But before he gets here Dad hired a personal VolleyBall trainer to help me. I know its weird Im not a freak about football (soccer) but VolleyBall is my Forte. He and the boys would be here around 5:00 p.m. And thats exactly when practice gets done so even if I get out late Ill still be at the house to get ready.



Harrys POV

I so excited. I havent gotten to see Syd in forever. Well, in person. We facetime, text, and call all the time. Shes just a great person to be around. Since she is 5 years younger than me its hard to decide if I have a crush on her or not. Probably not a good a idea to talk about if Niall is around.  He would wring my neck if he found out I had a crush on his little sister. Louis knows that when I met her she brightened up my life. Maybe I do like her.

We are currently on our private jet flying to Mullingar. Zayn is on the phone with Perrie, Liam and Louis are chatting about how we should surprise Sydney when we get there, and well Niall is sitting down panicking. I walked over to his seat and asked him whats wrong. " I dont know Im just nervous. I havent seen Syd in a long time." I nodded. " Dont be mate. Shes really excited that she gets to see you again." He said thanks. I got up and walked back to my seat and started playing Angry Birds to pass the time.

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