My brother left for a chance at Stardom when i was 11. He promised me he would still text,call, and not forget about me. I promised him I wouldnt change. Turns out, we both broke a promise.


11. Chapter 11. Fess up

A/N Hey ppl!!!! So for the contest Marcels_Girls_27 won!!! But sadly she wouldnt respond to tell me her info!!!:( Ill still  keep her in here but shes only a minor character. She will go by MG. Kk hope you guys like it!!!


Chapter 11. Fess up

Sydneys POV

I had to tell Eleanor everything. I was surprised Lou hadnt already. Anyway I told her about when the boys had come home. And how we went to the beach and how Harry had kissed me. How Louis promised he wouldnt tell anyone. The walk home. The fan attack. The isolated beach. 

"I'm glad Louis didnt bring this up or else I would be owing him $10.00" El said. I looked at her questioningly. " We made a bet on if you two would actually date or not. I said no because of what Niall would do to Harry. Louis said yes because he said you two were 'Destined for each other'." I rolled my eyes. Shes like the older sister I never got. So is Perrie.

"Well, thats enough sharing for one night. I'll lay out some pj's for you while you get showered." Eleanor said getting up and walking to her dresser in her room. I chuckled. "*Deep dramatic gasp* Are you implying that I stink?" She laughed at me. " No! Just get in the shower silly duck." I laughed and walked into the bathroom. 

~Next day skipping the shower and chiz~

 I was there for a few days. They went by slowly.

(Third Day)~I woke up the next morning with my phone going off. Grrr. Someone was calling me. "Hello?" I said in my morning voice. Quickly after realizing what I sounded like I cleared my throat and my regular voice came back. "Ahem. Sorry Hello?" I said. "Hey Its Harry I'm on my way to the hotel." I sighed. "Okay." 

I had been thinking about it these last couple of days. I do really miss Niall. I miss all the fun times we had together. He was just angry. I need to talk to him.

"Hey El!," I screamed to her. She was in the kitchen. "Ya?!" "Harry is on his way to come and get me!" She picked her head around the corner of the kitchen door. "Already?!" She pouted. "Ya. I think its time for me and Niall to talk about this." She walked in and sat down with me on the couch. "I think your right."

A while later Harry arrived, but not alone. I heard multiple footsteps coming to the door. At first I thought Harry was bringing Niall with him. I walked up to the door cautiously. I took in a deep breath and slowly opened it. I saw there Harry, smiling. I jumped into his arms and he spun me like in a fairy tale. He put me down and kissed me. "I missed you so much!" I said. He pulled me in for another hug. "I missed you too! I brought some guests with me," We pulled away and I saw behind him was a boy and a girl. "You remember Marcel." "Oh my god!! Marcel!" I said. He waved shyly like he always did. I hugged him. "Hi! How have you been?! I havent seen you in forever!" "I've been good. Harry told me everything. When are you gonna tell Niall?" "No idea."

Marcel has been in hiding. Its crucial he stays away from the spotlight. No one knows that it was really him in the BSE video. I couldnt even tell it was Marcel, he always has to wear a fake disguise when ever he goes somewhere. He supports the boys, but in secret.

"And this is MG. Marcels girlfriend." Harry said. We shook hands. "Nice to meet you." I said. "You too."

I turned to El, still standing in the doorway."Thank you so much."I said hugging her. "No problem girly. I love having you over. Text me later after you talk to Niall." We pulled away and I nodded.

~Skip to Sydney and Nialls house~

Harry parked the car. I was sat in the passenger next to him, and Marcel and MG were in the backseat. It was silent. 

"We'll wait here." Harry said. "Louis, Zayn, and Liam are out somewhere so it will be only you and Niall." I nodded. I took a deep breath and opened the car door. I got out, shut the door and walked up to the house, and walked inside.

"Whose here?" I heard a familiar voice shout. I was still standing by the door.

Niall walked down the stairs and stopped and looked at me. 

His face was red, eyes puffy. "Syd?" Tears started coming to my eyes. He opened his arms and I ran into him, hugging him, making him fall over. I started balling. "Im so sorry! You were right, I never should have left!" I cried between sobs. He was crying too. "Its my own fault,not yours!" 

I finally had my brother back.

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