My brother left for a chance at Stardom when i was 11. He promised me he would still text,call, and not forget about me. I promised him I wouldnt change. Turns out, we both broke a promise.


10. Chapter 10. Escapé Part 2

Chapter 10. Escapé Part 2

Sydneys POV

Louis drove me home that night. I couldnt go back to the house. I had to escape from the place where me and my brother used to be close. I couldnt bare going back there.

Louis called El and she said I could stay with her at her hotel room for the night. Ive met all the boys girlfriends. El and Perrie have always been my favorites. Im not sure if I like Sophia. Shes always been sweet to me but I dont know, I know Liam misses Danielle. We all do.


Louis walked me up to El's hotel room. She greeted us at the door. "Hey!!! How are you feeling Syd?!" She squeezed me tight. I shrugged. I didnt want to talk about what had happened between me and Niall. "If you dont mind Im just going to go lay down. Im really worn out." "Okay just lay down on the couch. I nodded and walked inside. I sat down on the couch and laid down and checked my phone. 2 new texts from Harry.

~Text Messages~

Harry<3- heyy 

Harry <3- Niall is in his room and wont come out.

Me- hey


Harry<3- well, what should we do????

Me- idk... i honestly dont care anymore. he didnt care enough to talk to me wen I needed him most.

Harry<3-:/ come on babe. plzzzzz tlk to him!!!I think hes crying.

Me- idk. I want him to know wht its like to be alone. im sorry. g2g ttyl 

Harry<3- Kk. bye


I sighed and put my phone down. I know it sounds terrible that I'm doing this to my brother but he deserves it. He doesnt know how many times I cried because he didnt talk to me. I lost my best friend. And he never came back like in the fairy-tales, where the friends reunite. My life isnt a fairy-tale, its a night-mare. People think it would great to be one of the boys' sister. Their wrong. Its good sometimes but to be honest, it SUCKS. I get tons and tons of hate, and Im not even recognized for me.

I glanced over the couch and saw Louie talking to El. Probably explaining.


Louis' POV

"I'm sorry its such short and notice. Its just-" El stopped me. "Lou I know. Syd texted me when you drove her over. Dont worry she'll be fine. Shes like my sister." "Alright." I looked over El over to Sydney sitting on the couch. "Bye Syd! Me or Harry will be here tomorrow to come and get you!" Her head shot up and jumped off the couch and ran towards me and El. She ran into me and hugged me. "Thank you." She whispered. I smiled down at her. She was so much like Niall I can even explain it.

We pulled away from each other and she walked back over to the couch. I kissed Eleanor on her forehead and said "Bye, love you babe. Thanks." She said "Love you too." 


Sydneys POV

El walked and sat next to me on the couch. "So. How are you holding up?" I shrugged. "I just cant believe that he yelled at me for getting hurt. He acted like I wanted to almost get raped and get my head beaten into the ground." My voice cracked and I had tears in my eyes. El scooted closer to me and put her hand on my shoulder."Syd I only have two things to tell you. One, Niall loves you to death, he was just angry that you got hurt. Its like a guy thing. Two, like I said, its a guy thing. Guys can be VERY stupid." I started to laugh and I wiped the tears away.

We sat for awhile. She asked me questions, like, what is it like having the boys back or what we've been doing together. And thats when I had to tell her about me and Harry. 



Hey guys! Sorry I just want some help... For the story should it be that Sydney forgives Niall over time, or Niall still blames Sydney for the incident, or the two avoid each other for awhile until everybody {The other boys+ other characters} pushes them to forgive one another. Or help give me an idea. If I like it then Ill write it and I will either put you in the story or include you as a CoAuthor. Please comment on which option I should use. It would really help! Btw I need you guys to comment on which options so I can add up the votes. Otherwise I wont be able to post another new chapter.Thanks!:)

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