Chloe Jacobs is your normal 16 year old girl, but one thing that isn't so normal. She lives in an orphanage. She has been there since she was about 6 years old. What happens when Chloe gets adopted by her idols?


4. Chapter 3

As we were driving away, I looked out the back window to see Aiden trying to run after the car. "Stop the van!" I yelled. "What why?" Liam asked. "Just please stop the van." I said a little quieter. The van stopped and I jumped out and ran to Aiden. "Please don't go." He cried. "I'm sorry, but I have to. If I had a choice to bring you I would." I cried. "I need you. Who will pway with me? Or sing me to sweep? Or or or" He couldn't finish his sentence because he sobbed. "Shh shh. it'll be ok." I said. "Is everything ok?" Harry asked. "Yeah." I said. "Aiden I have to go." "Noo please don't leave me please!" He cried

Harry's P.O.V

"Noo please don't leave me please!" the little boy, Aiden, said. I turned to look at the boys with sorrow eyes. They all had the same look. I walked over to them and said, "I don't think we will get Aiden to let go anytime soon." "I know. Maybe we can take him, too?" Zayn said. "Are you crazy?! We can't take two kids! Who knows if we will be able to even handle one!" Liam said. "Oh come on Liam. The poor boy is like a brother to Chloe. He is heartbroken right now." Louis said. "I still don't think we should take him." Liam said.

"I'm calling Simon right now to see if we can take him, too." Niall said. "Niall, n-" "Liam please." I said. He looked at all of us then gave in. "Yes! Now we have to wait for Simon's answer." I said. "Yes, I know. Yeah. We promise. Uh huh. Okay. Thank you soo much Uncle Si." Niall said before he hung up. "Well we can get Aiden!" He exclaimed. "Yes!" Me and Louis screamed. I walked up to Chloe and Aiden and squatted down next to them. "I have a surprise for both of you." I said. "What is it?" Aiden asked. "Well if you want to, we would like to adopt you as well." I said. "Are you serious?" Chloe asked.

"As serious as a pickle." I said. Aiden and Chloe laughed. "That made no sense did it?" I asked. "No. None at all." Chloe said still laughing. "Well come on then! Let's go adopt Aiden!" I said running towards the orphanage.

Chloe's P.O.V

"YAY! You're not weaving me!" Aiden yelled. "I can't believe me AND you are getting adopted." I said. Harry came running back with a huge smile on his beautiful face. Wow did I just say he was beautiful? Well it's true, but I didn't mean it in that way. "Well let's go home." Harry said. "I have all your stuff Aiden so you don't have to pack." He said.

"Thank you." Aiden said giving Harry a big hug before running off to the other boys. "He must really like you if he gave you a hug after just meeting you." I said. "What do you mean?" Harry asked. "Well Aiden doesn't really like people after what happened with his parents." I said. "If you don't mind me asking, what happened with his parents?" He asked.

"His parents would have their friends over and they would beat him for money. Some of them even made Aiden do... sexual things to them." I said quietly. "Oh my god." was all he said. "If you don't mind me asking, why are you here?" He asked. "Um I don't really want to talk about it." I said. "Ok. You can tell me when ever you are ready. But lets go. The boys are waiting." He said. "Ok let's go."


A/N: Again sorry it's short. YAY! They adopted Aiden too!!! Anyway thanks for your support!!! Love you little Carrots!!! :)

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