Chloe Jacobs is your normal 16 year old girl, but one thing that isn't so normal. She lives in an orphanage. She has been there since she was about 6 years old. What happens when Chloe gets adopted by her idols?


25. Chapter 23

* I'm so so so so so so sorry I haven't updated in ages! But I will try my hardest to update as soon as I can. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. . But anyways, here's chapter 23!!* Chloe's P.O.V Did I hear that correctly? I turned to Ashton to see if he heard it to. And by the look on his face, I could tell that he did. "Wha-" "Sh! We don't want them to hear us." Ashton whisper yelled at me. I just nodded my head and looked back to the living room, trying to decipher what they're saying. "What do you mean you're Chloe's brother?" Harry asked, sounding quite flustered. "Well my mom just told me today that she had a daughter that she put up for adoption when she was born. So I asked her to send me a picture, and she sent me a picture of Chloe." Michael explained. "I just- I'm just so confused." Louis said. "We all are." Niall said. "Yeah well I am too." I mumbled to myself, Ashton silently giggling. "We need to tell Chloe." Liam said. "No. I need to tell Chloe." Michael said. "I think you should tell her now." Zayn said. "I agree." Luke and Calum said. "Alright. Wish me luck." Michael said before I heard foot steps coming towards the stairs. Ashton and I looked at each other before running back to my room as quietly as we could. "Oh my god." I said, freaking out. "Calm down." Ashton said. "I can't calm down! I just found out th-" *Knock Knock Knock* "Shit." I silently cursed. I looked at Ashton before walking to my door, opening the door slowly. "Hey." Michael said. "Hi." I replied, "Come in." I continued, moving out of the way so Michael could come in. "Hey do you mind if I can talk to you in private?" Michael asked. "No. Not at all." I said, looking at Ashton. "I guess I'll be going now." Ashton said as he left. "So what's up?" I asked, as I sat down on my bed. "I need to tell you something, really important." Michael said. "Alright. What is it?" I asked knowing full well what he was about to tell me. "Chloe. I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to come right out and say it." He paused for a moment. "Chloe, I'm your brother." Harry's P.O.V "Anyone else kind of freaking out?" I asked, pacing the living room. I wasn't just freaking out about what Michael had just told us, but also what had happened just hours ago. "Well obviously mate." Niall retorted. I pulled at my hair as I groaned. "Harry, calm down." Louis said, placing a hand on my shoulder. I stopped pacing and just looked at him. "I can't calm down!" I yelled, startling everyone. It was then that I realized that no one knew what had happened. "Sorry." I mumbled as I sat down on the ground, hugging my knees. "What's wrong Harry?" Luke asked. "I fucked up. Big time." I whispered, looking straight ahead at nothing. "How?" Louis asked. "I told her that I loved her." Chloe's P.O.V After talking with Michael about everything, we just sat in my room, getting to know each other, telling funny stories, and just having fun. After a while, Michael got a bit quiet, just looking at my wall. "Michael?" I asked. "Michael?" I tried again, waving my hand in front of his face. He just turned to look at me. "I don't want you dating Harry." * oHMyGOd I'm sorry. I'm sorry for so much drama and so many cliffhangers. I'm really sorry. . . But I updated! And I love you all my little carrots!!!!*
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