Chloe Jacobs is your normal 16 year old girl, but one thing that isn't so normal. She lives in an orphanage. She has been there since she was about 6 years old. What happens when Chloe gets adopted by her idols?


20. Chapter 18

A/N: I am sooo sorry I haven't updated!!! I recently got stitches and a whole bunch if family drama has been happening and I am just so sorry!! But here I am! So please don't be too mad at me! I LOVE YOU ALL MY LITTLE CARROTS! I hope you like the chapter cuz I'm totally winging it (; anyway just read!! (:


I stood there, frozen. My parents. Had been released. "I have to go." I said turning around, trying to get into the house as soon as possible. Key word 'tried'. "Where the hell are you going?" He growled in my ear as he pulled me by the hair. "Get off of me!" I begged. "Of please. You love this position." He purred.

"Get off of me!" I screamed. Ed slapped me and pushed me to the ground. "Don't ever yell at me again." He seethed. "What the hell is going on out here?" Zayn yelled. "He jus-" "she fell." Ed simply stated. Zayn turned to looked at me for clarification and I looked at him, begging with my eyes to get Ed away. "I think we should practice tomorrow so Chloe can get some rest." Zayn declared, still looking at me. I sighed out, slightly smiling. "Ok yeah that's fine." Ed smiled to Zayn. Zayn nodded and looked at me and helped me up. "Bye Ed." He shouted as we walked towards the house.

"We need to talk." He stated.

I nodded and looked down as we walked up the stairs to my room. I sat down on my bed as soon as we got to my room. "What the hell was that?" He whisper-yelled. "He told you. I fell." I lied silently. "Don't bullshit me Chloe! I saw the whole thing from the window!" He yelled. "Wow. What's going on?" Harry asked walking into me room. "Chloe got slapped and pushed by Ed fucking Sheeran! That's what!" He growled. "You what?" Harry asked. I looked down, trying to avoid contact.

"How could you not tell me?" He asked quietly as he crouched in front of me. "I didn't want to bother you with it. Plus it's nothing." I stated. "He's done worse." I mumbled. "He's what?" Zayn asked. "What?" I asked playing dumb. "He's done more?" Harry asked, his voice getting louder as he talked. "That's not what I said." I said. "Then what did you say?" Louis asked, standing in the doorway of my room. "When did you get here?" I asked. "Answer the question Chloe." He demanded as he walked more into my room. 

I sighed. "I said he has done worse." I quietly said. "What the hell has he done to you?!" Niall yelled as he walked into my room. "Where the hell are you guys coming from!" I mumbled to myself. "Answer the god damn question Chloe!" Liam demanded. Seriously where are they coming from? "He's um- he tried- he jus- I ha- he-" "Enough with this rambling shit! Just tell us!" Zayn yelled. "He tried to kill me." I blurted out. "He what?" Louis growled. "I swear I'm gonna kill that bastard!" Harry yelled stomping out of my room.

"Harry no!" I screamed as I ran after him. As he opened the front door, I grabbed his arm. "Harry don't." I pleaded. "Why the hell not Chloe?! That sick son of a bitch tried to kill you!" He yelled. "He tried to kill my girl." He said quieter. "But he didn't and I'm here now. With you. Harry just calm down. If you go after him and attack him he will have you arrested. And I can't have you in jail." I said quietly grabbing his face and pulling it to mine, resting it against my forehead. "But I need to do something." He said. "Call the police. Have them do it. Nt you." I said, looking in his eyes. "I'm sorry for yelling baby." He said quietly.  "It's find. I understand." I replied. "I really want to kiss you right now." He said.

"Then do it."

"I can't. They're watching us." He stated sadly. "Who cares." I said and kissed him.

I kissed Harry with all I had. Who cares that the rest of One Direction was watching. "Ok ok no. No no no. Nope this isn't happening." Louis said breaking us apart. "Nope I refuse to believe it." He said. "We'll believe it big boy." Harry said as he walked over to me and slung his arm around me. "You. You guys have a thing?" Niall asked. I looked at Harry and he nodded. "Yup." He simply said. "I knew it! Pay up Zaynie boy!" Liam yelled. "What the hell?" I asked. "Don't ask." Niall said. I nodded slowly and looked at Louis. "How long?" He asked. "Um what 2 months? (Tbh I don't know so if it's wrong I'm sorry)" Harry asked me. "Yeah that's about right." I said back. 

"How did you guys keep it a secret? Louis asked. "I don't know really." I said. "Do you really care for her Harry?" He asked. Harry looked at me and nodded. "I do." "And do you really care for him Chloe?" Louis asked. I stared back at Harry and nodded. "I do."

"I SHIP CHARRY!!" Niall yelled.

"Charry. I like it." Harry said. "Me too." He smiled and kissed me. 


A/N: so that chapter was everywhere. Kind if bad. I'm sorry! But Charry is now known about in One Direction! Yay! Also, I've been thinking, should I add in 5SOS? I kind of want to since it will go with what I want to do in the future. But what do you guys think??? Comment down below what you guys think? I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE CARROTS!



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