Chloe Jacobs is your normal 16 year old girl, but one thing that isn't so normal. She lives in an orphanage. She has been there since she was about 6 years old. What happens when Chloe gets adopted by her idols?


18. Chapter 17

Dear God help me. "That's great." I lied, smiling falsely. "Perfect! You and Ed will be working all week to get your songs down." Simon said. "Now. Get in the booth. It's recording time!" Simon smiles. I smiled, genially smiled, as I walked into the booth.

"Now what song are you singing today?" "Runaway. I've recently written it." "Great! Whenever you're ready." I nodded, looking at my smiling boys, then started.


ohhh mmmmmmm

ohhh mmmmmmm

ohhh mmmmmmmmm

I've known it for a long time

Daddy wakes up to a drink at night

Disappearing all night

I don't want to know where he's been lying

I know what I wanna do 

I wanna Runaway

Runaway with you

Gonna grab clothes

Six in the morning, go

How long you leaving?

Well dad just don't expect me back

This evening

Oh it could take a bit of time

To heal this

It's been a long day 

Almost out of the wrong way but

I love him from the skin to my bones

But I don't want to love in his home

There's nothing to say cuz he knows

I'll just Runaway and be on my own

I've never seen my dad cry

Cold as stone, in the kitchen light

I tell you it's about time

But I was raised to keep quiet

And this is what I'm gonna do

Gonna Runaway

Gonna make that move

gonna grab clothes 

six in the morning,go

"Well done Chloe. You did wonderful!" Simon complimented when I finished. "Thank you Uncle Si." I smiled. "That's it for today here, but Ed, you will go with them and practice with Chloe." Simon ordered. "Alright. I'll follow you guys." Ed said to us. "Great. Well bye Simon. See you at Chloe's gig right?" Niall asked. "Right. I will see you guys next week. Now go right practice."

As Simon pushed out of the studio, all I could think about was having to spend time with the Devil himself. I would have to have someone else with us at all times. "Chloe!" Aiden yelled pulling out of my thoughts. "What?" I asked. "We're home." He giggled. "Oh ok." I said picking him up and walking inside. "You ok?" Someone said behind me causing me to jump. I turned around to see the devil. "Not as long as you're here." I said and walked away. "Come on Chloe can't we just talk about this?" He asked. "Go inside Aiden." I ordered as I put him down. He nodded and ran away.

"What is there to talk about?" I asked. "The fact that I've change for the better." He explained."People never change, Edward." I said emphasizing 'Edward' knowing he hates his full name. "Don't you EVER call me that again!" He growled. "Oh what are you going to do? Kill me?" "I should've when I had the chance you bitch." He said through gritted teeth. "Yet you didn't." I sasses back. "I could kill you now if I wanted to." He said. "Oh look who hasn't changed." I announced. "Maybe I'll just tell your parent where you are" he smirked. "What?" "Oh. You don't know do you?" He said, smiling wickedly. "Know what?" I growled. 

"Your parents were released."


A/N oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!!!! I'm sorry I had to! PLOT TWIST! Comment like and all that jazz (: Love you my little carrots (:

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