9 Years later

After the defeat of the powerful lord voldermort Harry and Ginny get married and have 3 kids but one is special his name is Albus potter this is his story !

This is also my first movella it's hard to write one



Harry James potter sat watching the clock in the waiting room at ST MUNGOS Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. The clock had just chimed 12:00 pm he thought for a second today was the 31st of July it was 26th birthday. Just as he was about to get up a small elderly women with red hair ran though the door it was Mrs Wesley Ginny Potters mother. Harry she yelled when she finally spotted him she said oh Harry Ginny has given birth and I'm happy to say that it's a boy. Harry ran to Ginny's bed in the 6th floor, when he opened the door he found his wife Ginny cradling in her arms the most adorable little boy with black hair and hazel eyes. He's just perfect isn't he? said Ginny, Harry nodded in agreement and said have you thought of a name for him yet? Not yet but why do you ask? We'll I was thinking if his first name could be James after my dad it would mean a lot to me. Of course Harry dear said Ginny but can his middle name be Arthur. Sure so it's settled his full name will be James Arthur Potter.

The first couple of nights with James were horrible he would just cry all night nonstop and it took 2 hours just to get him to sleep.

Harry woke up early on Saturday morning since he got a better sleep than Ginny he decided that he would make her breakfast. Harry had , had a lot of experience with cooking breakfast as when he was growing up at Number 4 Privet Drive Little whinging Surrey with the Dursleys he would always cook breakfast.

After an hour he had managed to make eggs, bacon and toast for the whole family. That's when Ginny got up she was amazed that Harry had made her and James breakfast. The two ate in silence until James started to scream. Harry got up and got and feed him breakfast.

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