9 Years later

After the defeat of the powerful lord voldermort Harry and Ginny get married and have 3 kids but one is special his name is Albus potter this is his story !

This is also my first movella it's hard to write one


3. Birthdays and A Announcement

The newly formed Potter family sat around a table with the Wesley's as James was turning 1 Harry and Ginny had gotten him a toy broom that could only fly 30cm in the air,grandmother and grandfather had gotten him a knitted sweater with a J on it. Some other things he had got were muggle books, paint and some dress up robes.

After James had blown out the candles with some great difficultly it was finally time for Ginny's announcement. When everyone had stopped talking she stood up, I'm pleased to announce that me and Harry are having a baby boy. Harry got up in excitement he was stunned before he could say any thing all of the Wesley's where giving him handshakes or hugs.

When the party was over it was time to clean up Harry cleaned the table , Ginny started the dishes and James was playing on his broom every couple of minutes you would hear a bang from James.but there was a very loud crash that made harry go see if he was al right the broom was in the hall way and James was asleep next to it Harry picked him up and took him to his crib in his room and tucked him in. Goodnight he whispered kissing James on the forehead. When he got down stairs he found Ginny watching the wizarding news on TV. Honey he said shhhh said his wife before he could finish look at this a man named Joseph Isosceles-blanks has made a elixir of life. Wait what like Nicholas Fhamel. Yeah but with this one you need Joseph's voice to activate it but it can't just be any words it has to be "you will live forever". Wow I hope it gets used for the greater good. We'll I guess I should put James to bed said Ginny already done said Harry ,wow thanks let's go to bed.

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