Electra Monroe is the adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. She lives with them and Dahvie Vanity. They just moved to Sydney, Australia and she's starting a new school. She becomes friends with Luke's girlfriend, and Michael and Calum are fighting over her. Ashton's trying to help her but she's not sure who to pick. When it comes down to it, who does she choose?


10. Chapter Ten

Electra's POV


Jason and I hung out for almost the entire day. We played some video games, then we made home made pizza which was really fun, and also why we were together all day cause we have to wait for the dough to rise. When I decided to head home it was about nine o'clock. Jayy and Jeffree were on the porch and Jayy was drinking, like usual.


"Hey, what were you doing next door?" Jayy asked.


"Oh, I found out my friend Jason lived there and we decided to hang out." I shrugged.


"Is he in on this bet, too?" Jeffree asked curiously.


"Not that I know of." I shrugged, sitting next to Jayy.


"So what do you want for Christmas?" Jayy asked.


"Yeah, we only have like two weeks to plan." Jeffree nodded.


"Well, I need a new phone before this one kills itself from me dropping it so much." I laughed, showing them my cracked screen.


"You want the 5C or do you just want the 5 so you can put cases on it?" Jayy asked.


"I want the green one! Can you make it white and green though cause everyone who has the colored ones only has it black and green." I said.


"I'll see what we can do. Anything else?" Jeffree asked.


"Oh, yeah! If Wesley, Keaton, and Drew aren't under that tree," I pointed to the decorated tree through the window, "with giant, pink, sparkly bows on their heads, someones getting hurt. Or dying. I haven't decided yet."


"Not only do you look like Jayy, you act like him too." Jeffree smiled, sipping his water. He never drank alcohol.


"I'm serious though." I told him.


"Alright, alright." Jeffree nodded.


"You want some of this?" Jayy asked, motioning toward the bottle of whiskey on the table.


"Jayy, you don't offer a seventeen-year-old alcohol!" Jeffree scolded him.


"Oh come on Jeff, it's not like she hasn't drank before." Jayy rolled his eyes.


"Fine, but just a little bit, she has school tomorrow."




I woke up a few minutes before my alarm clock. I hate when that happens. I turned it off before it could go off and went to my closet. I felt like embracing that I was American today, so I picked out my American flag crop top that zipped in the front with my black cut-off black denim shorts that was studded on one side. I put them on with a leather vest that had a studded collar. I put on my studded hi-tops and a necklace and curled my hair. I did my makeup, grabbed my phone, brushed my teeth, and walked downstairs.


"Loving the top, El." Jeffree smiled at me.


"Thanks. Red contacts or blue?" I asked him.


"Red, definitely red." Jeffree nodded. I went to the bathroom and put in the red contacts and walked back out, "Dahvie is sick so Jayy is going to bring you again." 


"Is it okay if I walk with Jason?" I asked.


"Of course. I'll go turn off Jayy's alarm now." Jeffree went upstairs as there was a knock at the door. I texted him, telling him I was leaving and went to the door.


"Morning." Jason greeted me at the door.


"Morning." I smiled.


"Whoa, your eyes are red." He looked me in the eyes.


"Yeah, they're contacts." I giggled.


"Well, someone is very proud to be American." Jason laughed.


"Yes, I felt like embracing it today." I nodded proudly. He laughed again and we started walking. When we got there we separated to go to our lockers. I walked by Calum's locker, where the boys usually were in the morning but Ashton wasn't here again. Dammit. I sighed and went to my locker. I grabbed my binder and turned around to see Savannah.


"That song Drew wrote for you is everywhere. Everyone is shipping you guys and #Della is trending number one on Twitter." Savannah told me. She has kinda become my little paparazzi I guess you could say. She fills me in on everything that happens with people in school, celebrities, and most of the time what people say about me.


"Really?" I asked, amazed.


"Really." She nodded.


"Well, I guess it's okay since I do know Drew and it's not like with Michael where I barely know him and him and his friends are fighting over me. Drew would just ask me out." I shrugged.


"Did you ever think he likes you?" Savannah asked as we went to class.


"I've thought it, but never thought he actually did." I shrugged again.


"Well, he wrote a song for you, he calls you adorable little names like 'princess', 'cutiepie', 'gorgeous', etc. Actually he wrote two songs for you because Keaton said they kind of dedicated that song to you, mentally." Savannah said, "The list goes on and on. He likes you."


"Do you really think he does?" I asked.


"99.9 percent sure he likes you. And I'm pretty sure you like him, you just don't know it yet." She said.


"What makes you think I like him?" I asked curiously.


"You have little nicknames for him. For example; 'dradle', 'Drewy', and you call him baby a lot." She laughed. She likes to read my messages with Keaton, Wesley, and Drew. Which I'm fine with cause it's not like I have anything to hide.


"Whatever you say." I shrugged. I sat in class and got bored so I decided to text Ashton


To: Ashyy(;

Where are you?!?!


From: Ashyy(;

Sick :\


To: Ashyy(;

Aw, poor bby :(


From: Ashyy(;

Yes, poor bby xD


To: Ashyy(;

Do I need to come over and nurse you back to health?? ;D


From: Ashyy(;

That'd be nice.


To: Ashyy(;

Maybe I will


From: Ashyy(;

So what's this I hear about you and Michael dating, then you're dating someone named Drew????? Soooo confused >_<


To: Ashyy(;

Well, the papz found out where I live and got a picture of me kissing Michael, but it was only to say thank you for the fun date. I also gave Luke a kiss before I left his house. Then somehow the song that Drew wrote me got leaked and now everyone is shipping us and #Della is trending number one on Twitter. According to Savannah.


From: Ashyy(;

Wow.... So are you dating one of them?


To: Ashyy(;

No. Though, I did date Drew in like sixth grade. I gotta go, bell just rang. I'll come over later!


From: Ashyy(;

Alright, see you later xx :)


I locked my phone and went to my next class. Nothing exciting happened until I got to lunch when girls kept coming up to me, asking if I was really dating Drew. They were obviously Emblemers. I told them Drew and I were just best friends. I sat with Savannah and Jason outside. I didn't feel like eating, but Jeffree didn't have to know I didn't eat.


"So, my little sister says she wants you to come back to my house and never leave." Jason told me.


"Really?" I laughed.


"Yeah, she says you're a good cook." He nodded.


"Didn't you babysit Kourtney Kardashian's kids back in California?" Savannah asked.


"Yeah. Mason and Penelope. They're so adorable. I met Kourtney through Kyle and Kendall." I smiled.


"Did you ever babysit Kim's baby?" Jason asked.


"Yeah, a few times. She likes spending time with her daughter though." I nodded.


"I remember watching one of the shows and seeing you on it! I feel so cool now that I know you." Savannah smiled, hugging me.


"Uh, thanks?" I giggled.


At the end of the day Jason and I walked home together. I hugged him goodbye before going to my house.


"Not hanging out with your new friend today?" Jeffree asked.


"Nope. I have to go nurse my Ashton back to health." I said, putting my bag on the couch.


"You should make him some soup. Soup always makes you feel better when you're sick." Jeffree suggested. I nodded and made soup. Which took like an hour cause we don't eat canned soup or canned anything so I had to make it homemade. The only thing that we had canned in our house was probably the chicken broth to start the soup with. When it was done it put it in a container and walked to Ashton's house since it wasn't that far. I knocked on the door and his sister, Lauren, opened the door.


"Hey, Electra." She smiled at me, "What can I do for ya?"


"I came to make Ashton feel better since he is sick." I told her.


"Aw, that's so cute!" Lauren gushed, "He's in his room." She moved so I could walk in. I wlaked upstairs to his room and knocked on his door.


"Come in!" He yelled. I opened the door and smiled at him.


"I have come to nurse you back to health, like I promised." I said.


"Yay." He sat up and I sat next to him.


"I bring homemade chicken noodle soup. Without celery and carrots just the way you like it." I smiled at him.


"You're so nice." Ashton laughed.


"You're nicer." I nodded, "But thanks."


"How was your day?" He asked.


"Boring without you, as usual." I sighed.


"Sorry, I wish I wasn't sick." He frowned.


"Don't worry, I'm here to make you aaaall better!" I smiled, throwing my hands in the air.


"Did you just make this?" He asked.


"Yes, that's why it took so long to get here. I would've walked here straight from school but I had to check in with Jeffree plus soup makes everyone feel better." I told him. He nodded and I spent most of the day with him. Jeffree texted me saying it was time to come home cause dinner was almost ready. I hugged Ashton goodbye and kissed his cheek, though he said not to because he was sick. I walked home and ate dinner without a fuss because I had told Jeffree I wouldn't fight with them to eat for a whole month. It was Friday so I stayed up most of the night texting Drew.




So just to tell you, I totally made up Electra babysitting Mason and Penelope. Those are Kourtney and Scott's kids names and I had to add more people she had been friends with back in Cali due to how the next chapter is going to be written.

Speaking of how it's being written, it will be written by Bella! I have added her to co-author the story since my fingers still hurt a bit even though I got to take those things off. Plus, she writes chapters for me sometimes when idk what to write about xD

You guys never notice the difference soo...

Bye, love yas!

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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