Electra Monroe is the adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. She lives with them and Dahvie Vanity. They just moved to Sydney, Australia and she's starting a new school. She becomes friends with Luke's girlfriend, and Michael and Calum are fighting over her. Ashton's trying to help her but she's not sure who to pick. When it comes down to it, who does she choose?


6. Chapter Six

Electra's POV


I just agreed to go on a date with Luke. And he has a girlfriend! Oh my God, I have to tell Jenny. This is not cool. She was like the first person to be nice to me at this new school. I can't just do that to her! When the bell rang and I found Jenny at her locker.


"Hey, Electra." She smiled.


"Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked.


"Sure, what's up?" Jenny smiled, closing her locker and leaning against it with her binders pressed up against her chest.


"Well, uh, today the boys were talking to me about how I went on a date with Calum and Luke kinda asked me out on one. And I agreed, totally forgetting you two were dating." I said.


"WHAT?!" She shrieked, "We just broke up, and now he's all over another girl!"


"You guys broke up?" I asked. Phew.


"Yeah, I broke up with him this morning." She shook her head as a guy walked up to her and put his arm around her.


"Wait, you broke up with him?" I asked. She nodded, "Then why do you care that he's moved on?"


"I, uh. I don't. It's just that we just broke up." Jenny said.


"Says the one who probably dumped him for this douche bag." I rolled my eyes. He was also a guy Ashton had warned me about. Ashton said he was a total player and would act like he cared and as soon as he got in your pants he'd never talk to you again unless he wanted more sex form you.


"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked, clearly offended.


"It means he's a player, and is just using you for sex." I said and walked to class and sat in my seat. I texted Keaton through class because it was boring. And the teacher didn't even notice cause she was to busy writing on the board and stuff. The bell rang and I went to my locker with Luke standing there.


"What did you say to Jenny? She was so pissed off in class." Luke laughed.


"Oh, nothing. I guess you could say I call her a whore without actually saying it." I nodded opening my locker. My phone buzzed in my pocket as I put my binder away.


From: Keaton The Kitten<3

I want you to come home!!! >:( I'm soooo bored wiffout chuu :'(


I giggled at his text and replied to him:


To: Keaton The Kitten<3

I know! I wanna come home too but Jayy is gonna say no -.-


"Who are you texting?" Luke asked with a smile planted of his face.


"Just my friend from back home." I shrugged, locking my phone and closing my locker.


"Where exactly is 'back home'?" Luke asked.


"California." I said.


"Oh. Is it nice there?" He asked.


"Like summer everyday." I smiled wide.


"So, I was talking to Calum. And he said he couldn't figure out who your parents were in Starbucks." Luke said as we walked our next class, which we had together.


"They have a lot of tattoos. And they were probably with a guy who has long black hair with red in it, who also has a lot of tattoos." I said, describing Dahvie. 


"Oh, you're brother?" He asked.


"No. Their friend. My dad and him are in a band." I said, as we entered the classroom.


"What band?" Luke asked, but before I could answer our teacher came in.


"Alright, everyone! In your seats, time for our test" He clapped his hands together and everyone hurried to their seats. I was glad I didn't have to tell him the band was Blood On The Dance Floor. I didn't know what he thought about the band, if he even knew who they were. Some people hate them and hate me for being Jayy's daughter. The way people call Dahvie a pedophile is just wrong, I mean I'm with him almost all day everyday and most of the time he's not even looking at me.




"You got mail." Jayy said, typing away on his phone and moving his foot towards the coffee table. I grabbed the envelope with my name on it. I went upstairs and to my room, throwing my things on floor and ripping open the letter. It was from Keaton, Drew, and Wesley. So, I bet you're wondering how I know them. Well I grew up with them. I lived next door to Wesley and Keaton before my parents died. We were best friends. We got to sixth grade and met Drew, him and Wesley hated each other. Now they're friends and everything is okay! But anyway, here's the letter:



I miss you so much! I want you to come home. I sent this on Sunday; but you're probably getting it a week later. I wish you hadn't had to leave. We all miss you! Wesley and Drew say 'hi'. We wrote a new song called 3000 Miles. It's sad because we all think of you when we sing it or hear it. When you listen to it you'll probably cry. Wesley was trying not to cry when we shot the video. I thought it was funny, even though Drew and I were holding it in. God, I hate not being able to talk to you! You're always asleep when we call. But I call over and over and over and over just to see if you pick up. But you don't. And we get sad. When you're awake, we're asleep. When we're awake, you're asleep. We all miss you and want you to come back home! You should elope here when you turn 18. Wait, that's too long. Damn. Well, call me at like two in the morning anytime you can cause it'll be like midnight here and you know I'll be up cause I never sleep.

Miss you!

Keaton, Drew, and Wes.


By the time I finished reading the letter I was crying. I wanted to go home and stay there. I hate being away from my friends. Not just Wesley, Drew, and Keaton. All of my friends. Jayy and Jeffree and Dahvie just expect me to be okay with this and drop my life back in California and start a new one here. Well, I don't want a new one. Why did we even move here? I wasn't given a reason. I was told we were moving to Sydney and that was that. I had to pack my stuff up and leave I grabbed my phone, plugged in my ear buds and searched for 3000 Miles.


Ashton's POV


Electra didn't exactly look happy today. She looked a bit sad. So I decided to go to her house and see if she was okay. When I got there I knocked on the door and a guy with tattoos covering his arms and chest stood in front of me.


"Yea?" He asked, giving me this weird look.


"Uh, is Electra here?" I asked.


"Who are you and why do you care?" He asked, crossing his arms and giving me the once over.


"I'm Ashton and I came to see if she was okay. She looked a little depressed in school today." I said, getting this weird feeling something bad was gonna happen. He looked behind him into the house then back to me.


"Come in. Lemme talk to you." He said. I walked in and he led me to the living room, "I'm Jayy. Electra's dad." 


"Hi." I smiled.


"So you what do you wanna see her about?" Jayy asked. 


"I wanted to see if she was okay. Like I said before at the door she didn't look very happy in school today." I said.


"What are your intentions with my daughter?" He asked. Michael, Calum, and Luke are in for a treat. Overprotective dad. Yipee.


"Uh, to make sure she's okay. I mean being her friend I thought that I should make sure she was okay." I said.


"Yes, you've said that like five times. I mean why do you want to be her friend?" He asked.


"What do you mean why?" I asked.


"Listen, every guy who has ever been her 'friend' has only ever tried to get in her pants. That's hwy we moved here because we thought she could go around without having guys treating her like she's nothing but a toy." He said.


"Oh." I breathed out, "Well, sir, I promise you that I'm not going to do that. I don't think that's right to play with a girls feelings."


"I like you, Ashton." Jayy nodded.


"Uh, thanks?" I laughed nervously.


"She's up in her room. Go on up." Jayy smiled and I did as he said. I slightly opened her door when i got to her room. She was on her bed with ear buds in her ears. But she was crying. Her mascara was streaming down her face with every tear the fell. Well, that answers my question about her being okay.

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