Electra Monroe is the adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. She lives with them and Dahvie Vanity. They just moved to Sydney, Australia and she's starting a new school. She becomes friends with Luke's girlfriend, and Michael and Calum are fighting over her. Ashton's trying to help her but she's not sure who to pick. When it comes down to it, who does she choose?


17. Chapter Seventeen

Electra's POV


I woke to my alarm instead of Keaton today. Which meant he was either eating or still asleep. I got out of bed and went to my closet. I picked out my Spider-man sweater and skinny jeans. I added black heels and put in pink studs and pink tunnel gauges.  I left my hair wavy, did my makeup, grabbed my phone, brushed my teeth, and went downstairs.


"Where's Keaton?" I asked Wesley. Him and Drew were in the kitchen making breakfast.


"He just got up." He told me.


"Are you hungry?" Drew asked.


"No, not really." I shrugged, knowing the look I was gonna get from him. And I got it.


"You sure?" He asked. I just shrugged, hugging around his torso.


"Are you sure you guys aren't dating?" Wesley laughed.


"I told, you they're secretly dating." Keaton said, walking into the kitchen. We didn't say anything, I just hugged Drew and he kept one arm around me.


School wasn't really exciting. Every once and a while at lunch I would see Michael, Calum, and Luke watching Keaton and I talking and laughing. Their faces didn't really have expressions, but their eyes screamed jealousy. Why would they be jealous of Keaton? Did they think we were dating? That's weird. I'm not dating anyone. At least as far as I know I'm not.




"Hey, Michael." I smiled at him as he approached me at my locker.


"Hey." He returned the smile, "So, what's with you and that new kid?"


"I've been waiting for one of you to ask," I giggled, "He's one of the friends I told you about from back home. The one whose name I got tattooed on my arm." I rolled up my sleeve to show him.

"Oooooh." He nodded, "I kept wondering where you mentioned his name, now I remember!"


"Well, there's no need for you guys to be jealous." I told him.


"What? We're not-"

"Yes, you are." I cut him off.


"Maybe just a little." He smirked.


"Maybe just a lot." I mocked him.


"So, are your other friends you told us about here too?" He asked.


"Yeah, but they don't go to school. Keaton doesn't really need to be in school, but they just thought it'd be fun." I shrugged.


"Oh." He nodded, "So do we get to meet these other friends?"


"Maybe one day before they leave." I smiled. His phone beeped and he typed something to soemone.


"I gotta go, see you tomorrow." He smiled at me then walked off.


"Hi." Keaton approached me, looking very happy. 


"You seem awfully happy." I giggled.


"Yeah, I guess." He shrugged.


"What happened?" I asked.


"Nothing, just feel happy today." He smiled.


"Keaton Robert Stromberg, tell me!" I stomped my foot on the pavement, my heel making a loud clicking noise.


"I can't, it's a secret." He told me.


"I'll get it out of Wesley, don't worry." I smiled.


"Wesley won't tell you." Keaton shook his head.


"I can get anything out of Wesley. And Drew, but Wesley is easier." I shrugged.


"I'm totally gonna tell him you called him easy." Keaton laughed.

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