Electra Monroe is the adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. She lives with them and Dahvie Vanity. They just moved to Sydney, Australia and she's starting a new school. She becomes friends with Luke's girlfriend, and Michael and Calum are fighting over her. Ashton's trying to help her but she's not sure who to pick. When it comes down to it, who does she choose?


7. Chapter Seven

Ashton's POV


"Electra?" I asked, stepping into her room.


"Ashton? what are you doing here?" She asked, sitting up, taking out her ear buds, and wiping her face.


"I came to see if you were okay, you seemed a little sad in school today. Obviously you're not okay." I said, sitting next to her.


"No, I'm fine." She shook her head in protest.


"Electra, you were just crying. You still are crying. What's the matter?" I asked.


"I wanna go home. I miss my friends, I don't even know why we moved here. Who even let you up here?" she asked.


"Uh, your dad did." I said awkwardly. I knew how she felt about her friends talking with her dad.


"WHAT?!" She shrieked, "Oh my God, what did he say to you?"


"Nothing, he just wanted to know why I was here and I told him and he let me up here." I told her.


"You must be pretty special for my dad to let you up here." She said, leaning on my shoulder.


Electra's POV


"If you're not up to going on that date with Luke tonight, I'll tell him." Ashton said.


"No, no. It's okay." I reassured him.


"Are you sure?" He asked.


"Positive." I nodded. For a while we talked and talked. Then he had to go cause Luke texted me saying he would be here in half an hour.


"Jayy!" I yelled as Ashton left.


"What?" Jayy asked.


"What did you say to him?" I asked.


"What, that kid Ashton? Oh, nothing. Just talked." Jayy shrugged.


"If he stops talking to me, I stop talking to you and everyone else, got it?" I smiled.


"Okay, okay." Jayy nodded.


"By the way, I have a date tonight. So if there's a knock at the door and you answer it, I'll hurt you." I smiled again and went back to my room


From: Luke

Dress compfy (;


Compfy. Okay. I went to my closet and picked out a mint green sweater with a mustache on it and colorful leggings. I put them on with grey and white polka dot boot thingys. I straightened my hair and just added mascara for my makeup. I took the case off my phone and went downstairs to wait.


There was a knock at the door and Jayy was about to get up but hit his arms so he would stay. I went to the door and Luke was there in sweatpants, flip-flops, and a t-shirt.


"You look compfy." I giggled.


"As do you." Luke nodded.


"So where are you taking me?" I asked as I closed the door behind me.


"The movies, then maybe something to eat?" He suggested.


"Pizza!" I cheered with a big smile. 


"Pizza it is then." Luke laughed. We went to the movies and had to decide on a movie.


"How about," I paused, "Frozen!"


"Two tickets for Frozen please." He told the lady. She handed him the tickets and he paid for them. Then we got our popcorn and soda. We gave the dude our tickets so he would let us in and we wandered around, looking for which theater we were going in.


"I think it's this one." I said pointing to a sign that said Frozen was playing in this theater.


"I think you're right." Luke laughed and we went in. We sat all the way at the top and waited for the movie to come on.


"Ugh, I hate waiting." I complained.


"I know." Luke groaned. Finally the movie came on. It was soo amazing.


"Pizza time!" I said happily as we exited the theater.


"Yes, pizza time." Luke nodded, "What kind do you like?"


"Bacon." I told him.


"How about we go to my house, and order the pizza?" Luke suggested.


"Sounds good." I nodded. I must say, Luke is trying really hard to get me to pick him. Not that I am definitely picking him. I don't know if I'm even going to pick any of them. I'll have to talk to Keaton or Drew or Wesley. Maybe I'll call Brooke or Brianna actually, who are Keaton and Wesley's sisters. But this date has been going pretty good so far, maybe Luke isn't as bad as Michael and Calum. 

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