Electra Monroe is the adopted daughter of Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star. She lives with them and Dahvie Vanity. They just moved to Sydney, Australia and she's starting a new school. She becomes friends with Luke's girlfriend, and Michael and Calum are fighting over her. Ashton's trying to help her but she's not sure who to pick. When it comes down to it, who does she choose?


1. Chapter One

Electra's POV


I woke up to the loud beeping of my alarm clock. I got up and turned it off. I turned on my lights and looked in the mirror. I looked at all my tattoos, all one hundred and three of them. Jayy, Jeffree and Dahvie loved them. I got tired of looking at myself so I walked to my closet and picked out a blue shirt with a gold lining at the top and black leggings with gold crosses one them. I put them on with blue studded sneaker wedges and some jewelry that went with the outfit. I did my make-up, and painted my nails dark blue cause I had time to spare. When they dried I straightened my long brown hair. When I was done I grabbed my purse and walked downstairs.


Jayy and Jeffree were in the kitchen. Jayy was attempting to help make breakfast.


"Jeffree can I wear your purple colored contacts?" I asked him.


"Sure. Wake up Dahvie while your upstairs." Jeffree told me. I nodded and walked to Dahvie's room.


"Daaaaaahviiiiiie! Get up!" I yelled standing at his door.


"Be quiet! I'm trying to sleep!" Dahvie yelled back.


"But you have to drive me to school." I whined. He groaned and sat up. I smiled at him and went to Jeffree's room. I found the contacts and put them in. I walked back downstairs and sat on a stool at the island.


"Did you wake him up?" Jayy asked.


"I told him he had to drive me to school and he got up." I shrugged. Jeffree put a plate of pancakes in front of me. "I'm not hungry." I shook my head.


"This is your first day in a new school. You need to eat a good breakfast. And you haven't been eating all week." Jeffree said to me. I sighed and ate my pancakes. Dahvie came downstairs, fully dressed.


"Ready?" Dahvie asked eating a piece of bacon.


"Mhm." I nodded and we walked outside to his car. We stopped in front of the school. It had big letter on it saying 'Sydney High School'. The only good thing about moving to Australia is there's hot guys with hot accents.


"Have a good day." Dahvie smiled.


"I'll try." I laughed pushing my bangs out of my face so half of my face wasn't covered. Here we go.


Michael's POV


"Did you hear we're getting a new girl?" I asked Luke.


"Oh great, another girl for you to bang and never call again." Luke rolled his eyes.


"Ooh, burn." Calum laughed.


"Shut up. Your just mad cause your stuck in a relationship." I said as Luke's girlfriend, Jenny, came up to us.


"Where's she from?" Ashton asked.


"America. That's all I heard." I shrugged. Then a girl with long dark brown hair and a sleeve of tattoos on her right arm and a sleeve that wasn't finished yet. It ended at her elbow. She was gorgeous. And just my type.


"Damn." Calum's eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of his head.


"No, no, no. She's mine." I told him.


"Why do you get her?" Calum asked me, annoyed.


"Because she's my type. She's probably way to bad for you." I told Calum.


"Here we go again.." Ashton sighed.


"You wanna bet on that?" Calum asked me.


"Why not?" I grinned evilly. Jenny shook her head and walked after the girl. "Dude, what's your girlfriend doing?" I looked at Luke.


"Being nice to the new girl. She's gonna be her friend." Luke told us.


Electra's POV


I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and a girl with brown hair just like mine, but not as long and deep blue eyes stood there. She was about three inches taller then me.


"Hi, I see your new here and I thought you might like someone to hang out with." She smiled.


"Uh... Sure." I shrugged. "I'm Electra. Electra Monroe."


"Jenny Macentine. Come on, we'll find out where your supposed to be." Jenny smiled again. I just nodded. I found out I'm in all of her friend Ashton's classes. We found Ashton and he was with three other guys. One of them had bright pink hair, which caught my eye.


"Ashton, Electra here is going to be in all of your classes." Jenny told him.


"Hi, I'm Ashton." Ashton smiled at me.


"Electra." I smiled back.


"This is Luke, Michael, and Calum." Jenny told me.


"Hi." I waved to them.


"I like your tattoos." Michael complimented me.


"Thanks, I like your hair." I smiled. The first bell rang and Ashton took me to our first class, science. I sat next to Ashton.


"You, in the blue. Why are you in my classroom?" A lady, who I assumed was the teacher, yelled at me.


"I'm supposed to be in this class, so you can stop yelling at me." I rolled my eyes.


"Young lady, who told you is was okay to tell me what to do?" She asked.


"Me, myself, and I." I smiled at her.


"You need to put on a sweater. That shirt is too low-cut." She told me.


"No." I shook my head. Everyone was giggling. 


"Do you want me to call your parents?" She asked me.


"I don't think you wanna do that." I giggled. 


"And why not?" She asked, getting quite annoyed with me.


"Jayy will think your calling me a slut and hit you." I smiled. 


"And Jayy is..?"


"One of my dad's." I told her.


"You have two dads?" She asked with a disgusted look on her face.


"Well yes and no. Jeffree had surgery and now he's not technically a guy anymore." I shrugged. Everyone started laughing. The lady just shook her head and did her lesson.


"That was hilarious." One of the kids said to me. "I'm Savannah." 


"Electra." I half smiled.


"Hey, aren't you Jayy Von Monroe's daughter?" Savannah asked.


"Adopted by him and Jeffree Star." I told her.


"That's so cool. So your real parents are dead?" She asked.


"Savannah that's rude to ask." Ashton told her.


"Nah, it's fine Ashton. My mom is dead and my dad's in jail for killing her." I told Savannah.


"That's dope." I kid with wavy brown hair butted in.


"That's Jason." Savannah told me.


"How many tattoos do you have?" Ashton asked.


"One-hundred and three." I told him.


"Wow." He laughed. We talked the rest of the period. Most of the day me and Ashton just texted each other under out desks. Then the bell rang for lunch. Ashton and I met Michael, Calum, Luke, and Jenny outside at a table. It was nice and warm out today. I was listening to 'Nirvana' by Blood On The Dance Floor with my ear buds when Jenny pulled them out of my phone.


"Hey!" I yelled grabbing them from her.


"What I like this song." She laughed. I laughed too and set my phone on the table. 


"Did that song just say marijuana?" Calum asked laughing.


"Oh my God, your laugh is so adorable." I giggled. "And yes it did."


"Who sings this?" Michael asked.


"My dad and his friend." I told them.


"In other words Blood On The Dance Floor." Jenny told him.


"Yeah. I live with them." I smiled. "And Jeffree Star. They're mad cool."


"Mad cool? You sound so ghetto." Luke started laughing.


"You should have seen her tell off Ms.Johnson today. It was hilarious." Ashton said. Then I told them what happened.


"Wow, everyone is too scared to yell back at her." Michael said.


"Well I'm not. She's not scary. Just a bitch." I shrugged.




At the end of the day Michael came up to me at my locker.


"Hey." He smiled.


"Hi." I gave him half a smile.


"So, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out later." he said nonchalantly.


"Where?" I asked.


"My house." He smiled.


"We could probably have a lot more fun my house." I giggled.


"Then your house it is." He smirked.


"Alright." I smiled. I closed my locker, "Come on." I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him along with me through the crowd of people.


"Wait, we're going now?" He asked.


"Yeah, why not?" I asked as we got outside. He just shrugged and we walked to my house.



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