The new neighbors (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Hi, I'm olivia ..
I have a brother who is called Niall , and we live together with our mother , our parents are divorced .
My brother is very protective of me . He can not stand it when guys flirt with me .
My parents have been divorced for two years now and my father lives in New York . Niall , my mother and I now live together in London .
But enough about me .
Our neighbors are moving today and attract new neighbors .
I wonder who will live there .


1. The new neighbors.

I was sleeping quietly in my room until my brother, Niall came to wake me by jumping on my bed.
"Niall what are you doing?" "wake you up." he said. "Urgh Niall let me sleep!" "No. The new neighbors coming soon and we go visit them! Mom has baked a cake, a cherry pie! I wanted to taste it! But that was again does not of Mom."he said. "Urgh leave Niall! I have to change!" "okay okay I'm going."he said.

I was wearing this : 


I went down and I smelled that Mom had made ​​pancakes, mmm she makes the best pancakes.
Niall was already eating the pancakes.
There were only three pancakes.
"Niall! Not eat all the pancakes! I want too!" "okay okay!" he said.
My mom looked at me and said "Olivia do not be so rude to your brother, he does everything for you!" and I said "Yes Mom."
After breakfast Niall and I looked at the TV.
After an hour came the neighbors.
Mom said that the new neighbors were there and we went outside.
I was hoping there was a girl in the family, so I finally had a little fun in this dead city.


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