The new neighbors (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Hi, I'm olivia ..
I have a brother who is called Niall , and we live together with our mother , our parents are divorced .
My brother is very protective of me . He can not stand it when guys flirt with me .
My parents have been divorced for two years now and my father lives in New York . Niall , my mother and I now live together in London .
But enough about me .
Our neighbors are moving today and attract new neighbors .
I wonder who will live there .


2. The meeting the new neighbors.

There was a black range rover arrived.
I could not see who was inside, the windows were black.
I could see who was driving the car, it was a woman, there was no man with so I think she was single.
The black range rover stopped at the house.
They got out and there was a girl, a mother, but my eyes fell directly on a boy who got out, he had curly brown hair and beautiful green eyes.
I did not realize that I was staring and Niall said, "Olivia, Olivia! Do not stare that's rude! Or maybe you're in love! Hahaha!" I said "Niall! I'm not in love!"
My mom said we had to come with her​​.

We went to the woman and the girl and the boy with the beautiful eyes were unpacking .

My mom said "Hi I 'm Vanessa and this is Olivia and Niall . " the woman called the boy and the girl and said " Hi I'm Anne and this is Harry and Gemma " my mom said " nice to meet you Anne. "Niall, Olivia would you help Harry and Gemma unpacking?" my mum asked. Niall and I said "yes mum" Anne said " thank you Niall and Olivia , you are very pleasant children so far. " my mom and Anne talked some more , and went inside to eat the pie . Niall and I went to Harry and Gemma .

" Hi I'm Niall and this is Olivia . " Niall said . " I 'm Harry and this is Gemma . " said Harry .
Harry and Niall shook hands and Gemma gave me a hug .
Niall joined Gemma and gave her a hug.
Then Harry came to me and gave me a kiss on one cheek , his lips were so soft!
His beautiful green eyes looked into my eyes and said "Hi I 'm Harry . " I just drowned in his eyes. I said "Hi I 'm Olivia . " He smiled at me .
He had such a cute smile.
he said, "you have beautiful eyes ." I said " thank you but , I really like your eyes ! "
After half an hour unpacking we went inside , our mothers were cozy talking.
" There is still some cherry pie in the kitchen! " said my mom.
we went to the kitchen and ate all a piece of cherry pie

"The cherry pie was delicious Vanessa and fun to meet you, but we have to move now the home make inorde, maybe we'll see you tomorrow?" Anne said. "Thankyou!, And it was nice to meet you, and okay see you tomorrow." said Mom.


So that was the second chapter, hope you liked it :) 

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