Life After You: 5SOS

Hope. I don't have much. But I have enough. I need something, because I don't have you. Just a broken heart and a life after you.


1. Everything's Yours

There's a DVD in my laptop. It was in the bottom of his desk drawer. He asked me to go in and get anything I needed back, because he wouldn't be around for a while. I press play.

"Oh, there she is," I hear his voice leave the speakers and flood the empty space around me. I turn around, Believing I've heard his voice. On the screen, I see myself smiling at him.

"Wearing my boxer shorts, aren't you, Lucky?"

I smiled at him. I was a happier version of myself then. A mirror image of the girl I am.

"And she's also wearing my Blink-182 shirt, isn't she. My God, babe, is that my leftover dinner?"

I smile wider. "It is," I said, and whispered into the camera, "Don't tell him, but I'm wearing his cologne."

"Everything's mine, Luck," he said. He placed the camera down on the coffee table and moved over to the couch. He brought his face closer to mine, and the clip ended while we kissed.

"Everything's yours, Luke. Everything's yours."

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