Why I Hide

May was just an ordinary girl to everyone else around her.
No one realized the pain she suffered, the one she kept inside.
Her friends were oblivious to her and used her as an excuse of
being cool, of having friends. They made fun of her and made rumors behind
her back. Her parents, if you want to call them that, neglected her
and used her as an outlet of their rage as they fought each other.
Abused and bullied, May just wants to be normal.


1. The Truth

My name is May. My parents abuse me a lot and I am also bullied at school. This is the hell of my life. *************************************************************************************************** "I'm home!!!" My mom declared slamming the door. I've learned to dread those words. She looked at me and she asked me in a slur, "Haven't you learned to say hello to your mother when she comes home from a long day of work?" she asked. A long day of work? That was a lie, as I knew my mom's job was being in a nightclub stripping, which is why my father ditched us. She was drunk. She smelled of it and it was also in her actions and her sluggish speech. She started,"Why didn't you clean the house?"she demanded. I didn't know what she was talking about, the house was spotless. Her voice rose,"Why aren't.you responding? May?" Her face grew red in frustration. She raised her hands and she pushed me down our cement stairs. I tried to get up, but my head got a dizzy spell. Could I escape? She was staggering over to me, and she dragged me up the stairs by the hair and brought me to my room. I already knew this routine. She gagged my mouth with a dish towel and took out a baseball bat. She grunted in frustration as she beat me with the baseball bat until I was covered in bruises, and she walked out of the room to take her break. "May, are you going to apologize?"she asked angry at me, and continued, " you know I don't like to hurt you." She smiled. I finally broke the silence, and said, "Mom, I did clean the house look around you." I said in a small voice. But by her faraway look, I could tell she couldn't here me. She went into the drawer and took out a belt. I knew the drill. I went into the corner and rolled up the back of my shirt. I hunched over and begged her, "Mom, please-" she cut me off and started to whip me. Crack! I felt a dull pain in my back. Crack! Ow..... She hit my bruises.. "Mom, I think-" "WHAT DO YOU KNOW YOU STUPID GIRL???" She outraged at me, and dug into the drawer for another item to beat me with. She came out with a knife and advanced on me. "Mom, please I'll do what you say j-just put the k-knife down,"I soothed her, hoping to calm her and her eyes went wide and she said, "I-" her eyes fluttered and she began to faint. When she was out cold, I cleaned myself up, I washed the blood of the baseball bat and stairs and patched up my head wound, and put the knife away. I crawled into bed and started to cry thinking of why this happens to me every night. Why I hide, and why I don't say hi.

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