Why I Hide

May was just an ordinary girl to everyone else around her.
No one realized the pain she suffered, the one she kept inside.
Her friends were oblivious to her and used her as an excuse of
being cool, of having friends. They made fun of her and made rumors behind
her back. Her parents, if you want to call them that, neglected her
and used her as an outlet of their rage as they fought each other.
Abused and bullied, May just wants to be normal.


2. School is the Same

"Hey Mayo!!!" A kid said. I ignored him and kept walking. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and threw me against the wall of lockers.

"Ow!!!!" I said, startled as my bruises stung-the bruises from last night and continued,

"-my back" I finished... Idiot, I thought. Crap.

"Awww, does you back hurt?" the kid asked sarcastically.

"N-No I-I just-" I was cut off. He threw me to the ground and lifted up the back of my shirt.

Just lifting up the back of my shirt stung, and he took this as an excuse to hurt me. He started to kick me and my back hurt like an inferno.

He was laughing, and was pleased at my pain. Don't worry though, I was used to this and it only stung dully. It really only hurt when he hit me where my bruises were, which covered about 53% of my body.

The only thing left on my agenda was to go home and to wait for my mom or dad to show up.

I usually don't do homework as I don't know of I'm going to survive until the next day, so my grades aren't that bright either.

That boy's name was Lucas, and I was his personal stress ball, and he called me mayo because I was so pale.

It really didnt help that my skin was pale, as my bruises stuck out. My mom said that if I ever showed or told anybody about what happened at home, she would beat me harder.

However, most people don't lift up my shirt normally on a daily basis,(just kidding ) Lucas did it all the time and I just don't try to fight back, it's futile...

The last period bell rang.

"Time to go home, Mayo!"

I shivered at the very thought of going home.



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