Story Of My Life

(before one direction was made) Diana is so sick of her strict parents, they have ruined her life and made her break up with her current boyfriend, she runs away and ends up in harrys arms, will they be "in love" for long?


3. Meeting Harry Styles


I woke up, feeling tired, hungry, and clueless, like last night. I am covered up with a blanket and on a couch of someone's until I make out a structure standing right in front of me, I perk up on my elbows and I instantly have a horrible headache. "hello love, we found you in our yard." the very pretty woman says. " I held my forehead with my hand and ask "Our?" "where am I?" "who are you?" I was full of questions at the moment. "its okay, don't worry about me, I wont hurt you love, what your name?" I was suspicious but I guess she looked trustable. "Diana, how about yourself?" I ask, "I am Anne Styles, you have a beautiful name, Diana." I smirk. "why thank you, um, Anne, may I ask the time?" "its 3p.m love, and Harry should be home any minute." "MUM I'M HOME." This very tall, curly haired, boy walks in. He was cute. "Why hello, Love, I'd like you to meet Diana, isn't she a darling?"  He smiles at me, and something about him makes me feel weird inside. I smile back and say "pleasure to meet you Harry, right?" "Yeah its Harry." He said in his beautiful Husky voice, I wanted him to be mine. "Where do you live, love, or headed to?" I completely forgot that I was planning on traveling to my Aunt Jane's, But I felt I like I needed to talk about it because the Styles felt like my family. I told them everything, about Celeb, my parents, my sister, and how I ran away. Anne listened to every word I said and I know she understood. Harry was next to his mum listening too, he had a sad look on his face as if he were there too, which made me feel loved and people can really listen to me, and ONLY me. After everything, she asked if I need a ride, or wanted to stay here, I chose to stay for a couple days, and Anne insisted on buying clothes for me, but I felt embarrassed and rude to do that. Harry was so cute and the first night I dreamt about him. About him hitting me and yelling at me. I woke up instantly and realized how late it was. Once I wake up I can never really fall back asleep. I wondered if Harry was awake so maybe we can talk for awhile. His mum told me soon he would be entering the  X factor. Maybe we can talk about that, but I feel weird walking into some boys room and looking desperately for a conversation. I check my phone, and see my dad called me 34 times, shit. I forgot, my parents will find me one way or another. Unless the Styles hide me from my father because I never ever want to see him again. Neither as my sister. I hope father didn't report this to the police. Father kept texting me scary stuff like :From: DAD: WHERE ARE YOU. GTFHOME UNLESS YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME." My family would do anything to make everything my fault or try to make me sad, if they don't  give a fu*k about me, ill do just the same. I pressed the home screen and laid there until morning arise.

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