Story Of My Life

(before one direction was made) Diana is so sick of her strict parents, they have ruined her life and made her break up with her current boyfriend, she runs away and ends up in harrys arms, will they be "in love" for long?


2. Diana.


*The next morning*
"MUM, I'm heading down to the bakery." I say rushing to get my shoes on. "OKAY, love, come give your mum a kiss darling." I blush a flutter pink. and kiss mum on the forehead. As I slip on my shoes, I look out the window. I cannot believe what I see. "MUM! COME HERE! HURRY THERE IS A LOST GIRL IN OUR FRONT YARD. I DONT KNOW IF SHE'S ASLEEP! MUM!" I scream and run as fast as I could to the girl. Mum follows out behind me with her first aid kit. I pick her up and check her pulse. I sigh with relief and turn to mum. " She's alive mum, she's alive." she sighs with relief then smiles. "well love, bring her to the couch so I can take care of her for today." the girl was beautiful. So I carried her in. Mum was making her soup on the stove for when she wakes up. I just hope she'll be here when I get back from work. "Okay Mum, going to work now."  "bye love" she says while taking her temperature. (sorry it was a short chapter post  more tomorrow) NIGHT*


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