Falling For Me?

Jasmine is a 16 year old nerd in high school. Her parents hate her guts and beat her whenever they can. Students in her high school hate her. Jasmine cuts. Christian is Jasmine's older and protective brother who cares for her so much. Leah is one of Jasmine's best friends and they are like sisters.
But one day a special someone changes her whole life...


7. Thank God

~Jamsine's P.O.V.

"Can I explain what ever you want to know later?? Honestly I have to go!!"

And with that I let go of his grip and ran off to music class.

When I sit in my seat I see Jayden come through the music doors biting his lip and looking at me.

I look down at my shoes and pretend I'm writing stuff down.

As I turn around I notice Jayden behind me.

Great. -.-

For the whole period I didn't turn around once! 


After Music ended, I run off to the cafeteria. I had to sit alone due to the fact that I was mad at Leah.

But she came up to me.

"Jazzy I'm sorry ._."

I didn't know what to say. I was the one who overreacted. 

"Its fine..." I say and look down at my food.

"Can I sit with you..?" she asks looking at the ground.

I look at her and smirk.

"Thats a stupid question"

And by that she sat beside me and we forgot what fight we even had. 


As I went to my locker I see Jayden. Ever since the bathroom incident he has become even more annoying each day. It's annoying as fuck -.-

"Hey Jasmine" he winks at me and walks past me.

I just roll my eyes and walk to my next class.

As I sit down in Biology I pray that he isn't in my class. 

I guess god heard me cause he wasn't!!! I do a little happy dance in my head. 

As I get to my locker, I see Jayden walking towards me.

"Hey Jasmine ;]"

"Uh. hi o-o" I reply with no expression.

"Uhm.. I was wondering if you had the sheets for homework for math? I lost mine.."

I look at him with a serious look.

"Uh yea I do.. Here"

I hand him the sheets for Math.

"Thanks Jasmine. I will give them back to you tomorrow okay?"

He smiles and I nod.


Soon it was time to go home. My parents might be home.

Ready to abuse me as always. And I would cut right after proving to myself that my life is shit compared to everyone else ._.


As I got home, Christian was already at work. I see my parents in the living room and I see bottles of beer everywhere..

Oh My God... 

"JASMINE" My dad calls and I quickly run to him not saying a word.


I look at him scared.

"Y-yes..d-dad-...?" And next thing I know I was on the floor with a giant bruise on my face.

He had slapped me. 

My mom comes. Great ._.

"BITCH!!!" she yells and punches me hard.

My parents don't accept me at all. They love Christian more than me. I know it.

I was on the floor helpless and they both started kicking, and punching me hard in the stomach.

I cried so hard so they left the house to who knows where.

I run to the bathroom and take out a razor. I start scraping myself when I heard the front door open.......

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