Falling For Me?

Jasmine is a 16 year old nerd in high school. Her parents hate her guts and beat her whenever they can. Students in her high school hate her. Jasmine cuts. Christian is Jasmine's older and protective brother who cares for her so much. Leah is one of Jasmine's best friends and they are like sisters.
But one day a special someone changes her whole life...


2. High School Madness

Still Jasmine's P.O.V.

As I reach St. Willow's High School, me and Leah get to our lockers which are thankfully beside each other. 

As I walk to my class with Leah going to her separate one, I hear comments being passed around in the hallways.

"Ew omg is that Jasmine Collins? What the hell is she wearing??"

"She is so fucking ugly she can go kill herself no one wants her around"

"Who can love an ugly bitch like her??"

I roll my eyes keeping my head down and sit in my first class.


I sit at the back of the room where I'm not visible to other students.

The teacher sees me and says:


I jump and shoot my head up looking at the teacher.

"Yes Mr. Arnolds?"

"I would like you to move up to the front beside Jayden Norris."

Everyone turns to me even Jayden. 

Jayden is the most popular guy EVER in St. Willows.

He gives me a confused and disgusted look as I slowly get up and sit beside him.

Well... this should be interesting...

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