Falling For Me?

Jasmine is a 16 year old nerd in high school. Her parents hate her guts and beat her whenever they can. Students in her high school hate her. Jasmine cuts. Christian is Jasmine's older and protective brother who cares for her so much. Leah is one of Jasmine's best friends and they are like sisters.
But one day a special someone changes her whole life...


3. Her?

Jayden's P.O.V.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off in the morning. I sigh and put the alarm on snooze as I get off my bed, brush my teeth and step in the shower.

After 5 minutes I look at the time and start hurrying. I put on a white t-shirt, with jeans. I comb my black shiny hair and looking at my reflection in my mirror looking at my hazel eyes. I put on  my converse as I run downstairs get an apple. "BYE MOM!" I yell.

"Bye Jay!" my mom yells back from her bedroom.

I sit in my car starting my Range Rover. 

As I reach school I see my best friend Max.

"ayyee Jay!" he says pulling me into a bro hug.

"Hey Max! First day of Senior year man!" I say and smile.

"Yea I know! Can't wait to get out of this hell" He chuckles and I chuckle back.

We head off to our separate classes.

I look at my schedule. Math -.-

Once I get to my Math class I sit in my seat. No one sits beside me and I could care less.

The teacher was about to start the lesson.

"Jasmine." Mr. Arnolds said. 

I start scribbling on my math book thinking she probably got an A on her test. She is such a nerd omfg ._.

"Yes Mr. Arnolds?" I hear Jasmine reply.

"I would like you to move up to the front beside Jayden Norris."

I quickly stop what I'm doing and look behind and see Jasmine. I give her a disgusted and confused look as she sits beside me slowly.

I couldn't stop staring at her. She had wonderful brown hair with beautiful brown eyes....

Oh my god what am I saying?? I hate her!!!



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