The Doctor's Child

Tempora Tyler once knew of The Doctor from her mother's stories, but after her tragic death, she forced all the stories away and forgot all about the fantastic man. So after getting rid of all those memories, she's in for a surprise when in her junior year she finds a man with a blue box.
This fanfic is Doctor Who based but main characters are OC, but don't worry the real characters will be put in. It's also AU so don't hate me. I accept criticism and this book is in progress so I'm open to suggestions. No hate please. Enjoy!


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Practice was over and most everyone was gone.

"You sure you don't want a ride sweet cheeks?" Cora asks me while she puts her flag and rifle in the trunk of her pick up.

"Nah I'm fine, my dad will be here in a bit." I reply. She gets into her truck and I stepped back as he started the engine.

"Well if your dad can't pick you up just call me and I'll come get you"

"Ok I will" I waved goodbye as she drove off.

Practice was over and the only other person I knew that stayed just left. Now I'm left alone waiting for my father to come pick me up. The only upside to being picked up late today was that there's supposed to be a meteor shower tonight. I checked my phone to see the time. 9:15. Only five minutes left 'till the awaited shower. I decided to go over to the football field and watch it there. I walked up the bleachers and sat down right in the middle. We were in the last two weeks of October so the night was chilly. I was enjoying the cool breeze on my face, blowing my coffee colored hair all around me. Time check, 9:19. Just one more minute until the sky lights up with falling rocks.

Then I hear a noise




I rose to my feet and turned to the direction the noise was coming from. My eyes widened with surprise. A blue box was materializing in the middle of the field. When the box was solid, a boy looking about seventeen, came out looking happy and excited. I wanted to hide, but alas, I was in the middle of the bleachers and if I moved he would hear me. Why does that box seem so familiar?

I knew I couldn't move so I just sat there, waiting for the meteor shower.


I saw a streak of white in the sky, then two, then four. A second later, there were millions of streaks filling the dark empty canvas. I noticed the boy was distracted by the show and I took that distraction as a chance to get out I there. I started making my way down the steps. I got to the second to last step and tripped over the shoelace I had no idea was untied.


I fell face front unto the wet grass. I heard fast footsteps coming my way and figured it was the boy.

"Are you alright?" Of course I'm not you numbskull. I lifted my head to answer his stupid question. I felt a deep blush come to my face. A pair of sparkling sea green eyes were looking back at me, his shaggy untamed hair complimenting them nicely. I wanted to slam my face back to the ground as I realized I just fell on my face in front of a cute guy. He extended his hand out to me and I took it. He lifted me up.

"You haven't answered my question" he says. That's when I notice his accent, Scottish.

"Huh?" I ask, still openly gawking at him. He raises one eyebrow and asks me again.

"Oh yeah I'm fine. Heh heh. I'm just a bit clumsy. I don't even know how I made the color guard team seeing as how clumsy I am. Although I do have many bruises from the many times I've hit myself with my rifle and flag. I manage though, I have to." I realized I was rambling.

"Oh look at me just rambling on like this. I should probably go, my dad's probably waiting for me out front." I give a nervous smile and take two steps toward the place my dad usually picks me up from.

"Rose? Rose Tyler?" I froze in my tracks. He had called out my mother's name. I turn around and look at him.

"What did you say?" He looked a bit taken back but answered me anyway.

"I said Rose, well more like asked if you were her." He waited the answer.

"No, I'm not"

"Oh, alright then. Sorry to bother you. I'll be on my way now. Goodbye." He spun the heels of his shoes and started heading back to the blue box. Now it was my turn to call after him.

"Wait come back here." Whether he couldn't hear me or was just plain ignoring me I don't know, but he kept walking and that was getting me agitated.

"Hey you! Don't just ignore me!" I start running towards him. He was fiddling through his pockets when I caught up to him.

"Ha-how do you kn-know Rose Tyler?" I asked between breaths. He finally finds what he's looking for and takes out a key. He goes to unlock the door and turns his head to answer me.

"It's a bit complicated. I should get on my way now. Goodbye." He steps into the box and leaves me outside. Does this kid really think he can hide from me in this police box all night? I lean against the wooden box while I waited for him to give up. Suddenly I heard the same noise from earlier.




I step back from the box and look in amazement as the box starts to disappear. The police box flickered back and forth for a few seconds and then it was gone. I stand there in shock, trying to figure out if what I saw was real or just my imagination. I look up at the sky and watch as the last meteor painted the sky. Then it was over. I hear someone call my name. I turn around to see Xander running towards me, his brown hair shinning under the bright football field lights. I met him half way.

"Xander, hi. I didn't know you stayed."

"Yeah Lara wanted to point out some of my mistakes to me. Look I just wanted to say sorry about earlier. I was buzzed and didn't know what I was doing." He looked down at his feet while apologizing. I give him a hug.

"Xander it's fine, don't worry about it." I feel his arms wrap around my waist after I accept his apology. I pull back.

"How did you know I would be at the field?" I asked him.

"Well I knew there was a meteor shower tonight. I also know how fascinated you are with space and what not so I put the pieces together." I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket and check my new text.


Hey temp, I won't be home tonight. I needed to go on a last minute business trip and I won't be back until next Tuesday. I'm sorry I'll miss your birthday sweetheart. I left some money on your counter incase you wanted to have some friends over. I love you, happy birthday honey.

"Great." I lock my phone and head to the bottom of the bleachers to get my stuff.

"What's wrong?" I pick up my things and turn to him.

"My dad's out on a business trip and he won't be back until Tuesday. He won't be here for my birthday tomorrow." I sit down. Xander sits next to me and wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"Tell you what, I'll stay over until your dad comes back so you don't have to be alone. It'll be just like when we were in elementary together." He looks at me with his childish chocolate brown eyes. How can I say no to those? I smile at him.


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