The Doctor's Child

Tempora Tyler once knew of The Doctor from her mother's stories, but after her tragic death, she forced all the stories away and forgot all about the fantastic man. So after getting rid of all those memories, she's in for a surprise when in her junior year she finds a man with a blue box.
This fanfic is Doctor Who based but main characters are OC, but don't worry the real characters will be put in. It's also AU so don't hate me. I accept criticism and this book is in progress so I'm open to suggestions. No hate please. Enjoy!


2. Chapter One

Chapter One

Fourth hour was intense. Then again, color guard is always intense. It's the beginning of the year so that means marching band season or football season as it's known to the general public. The beginning of the year also marks the beginning of competitions and our first comp of the season didn't go so well. Our team captain, Aldora, was pushing us hard today in class. I don't blame her, we need to work hard to keep our reputation of winning champions for however many consecutive years, a streak we broke last Saturday.

"C'mon ladies and gents, push yourselves! Count! I can't hear you count! A guard that counts together stays together! One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four!" She would yell while doing the work with us. The five minutes before the bell rang could not come any faster. All eleven of us girls rushed to the guard closet and dressed while our four guard boys got their clothes out of their assigned lockers and dressed in the bathrooms.

The girls talked their usual things like what they're going to do before tonight's practice or consoling each other over annoying heartbreaks. I didn't get along very well with these girls, they were all major bitches. The only real people in this catty sport were Cora and Xander, both had been my friends since I've moved to this little town of Port Charlotte. I had a history with Xander from back in eight grade, but we realized we were better off as friends.

School had come and go. Gosh my life is boring. Everyone stays after school on practice days so that gives us about three hours before practice actually starts to do whatever we want. Most of the band kids would stay in the band room and use those hours as extra practice but some would go to the mall since it was just across from the school. The guard always went to the mall and that's where Cora was trying to make me go.

"C'mon Temp, please?" She extended the "ee" sound as she begged.

"Cora you know how I feel about going to the mall, it's pointless," I say the next in a low voice so only she could hear. "And I'm definitely not going with them." Cora let out a deep sigh.

"Ok, fine. Do you want me to bring you anything back?" She asked finally giving up.

"Some Subway would be nice. Egg and black forest ham on flatbread."

"What do you want on it?"

"The usual lettuce, tomatoe, pickles, olives, jalapeños, mustard and sweet onion sauce." I reply with a smile.

"Lol you have weird taste buds." The rest of the girls started leaving the guard closet and Cora goes to get her wallet.

"I'll be back in about an hour or less, I'm gonna do myself a little shopping. Don't do anything stupid. Love ya sweet cheeks."

"Love ya too." With that she left and I was left alone. After about ten minutes of reading I decided to go to the guard gym. I took my iPhone and the speakers and headed to the building. The guard had it's own separate gym that not many knew about. About ten years ago, the guard back then raised enough money to build a gym only for them. The size of the gym is the same as any other, just no bleachers. It has a high roof for tossing and a mirror on both wide walls. It looked like an oversized dance studio. I set the speakers by the mirrored wall and plug it into an outlet. I scroll through my phone and pick a song. I plug the phone to the speaker, crank the volume all the way up and hit play. The music filled the room. I let the beat run through my body during the intro. Once the lyrics started, I cleared my mind and let the music take me.

I got my eyes on you.

You're everything that I see.

I want your high loving emotion endlessly

I can't get over you.

I felt hands rest on the side if my hips. I froze.

"Calm down, it's just me." Xander whispered in my ear, his hot breath on my neck sending a shiver down my back. I immediately relaxed and our hips met. Again I got lost in the music, but only this time I wasn't alone.

Cause you're a good girl an you know it.

You act so different around me.

Cause you're a good girl and you know it.

I know exactly who you could be.

We used to be in the same dance class. Before I quit, we had a little in class competition between the students where we made our own choreography. We came in second. When the chorus started I did the first move from the dance. Xander caught on immediately.

...It's hard to do these things alone.

Just hold on we're going home.

I got my eyes on you.

You're everything that I see.

I want your high loving emotion endlessly.

I can't get over you.

We moved in sync with each other. Each beat, each count went through our bodies at the same time. It was exactly like when we were together.

You left your mark on me.

I want your high loving emotion endlessly.

The choreography only lasted so long and we ended facing each other, our faces so close I could smell the alcohol.

"I miss you Temp." The smell of alcohol enveloping my senses as he whispers his confession, making me dizzy.

"Xander you're- " he pressed his lips on mine. I froze for a second and process what was going on. He pulls away and looks me in the eyes.

"I always loved your eyes. They're the perfect blend of brown and green." I feel my cheeks start to warm up. We hear the door open and I quickly pull away from his grip. It was Cora.

"There you are." She sprints towards us.

"Hey Xander." He gives a nod and she turns to me.

"Here's your sub sweety." She hand me the plastic bag. "Hurry up and eat it I wanna do a run through of the show before practice. You can join too Xander."

"Nah it's fine. I was just about to go get something to eat. I'll see you girls at practice."

And with that he left.


Author' note:

Ok guys that was the first chapter hope you guys liked it. I know there wasn't much Doctor Who stuff in it but I promise there will be in chapter two. Also another thing, I was thinking about having this be there first and last chapter Xander would be in but many of the people who look at my work before I publish it said to keep him so I will. I will try to update one chapter every week as this is a story in progress. Until next week my sweeties ;)

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